Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

☽ VIII. єรċαρє

  The hall was empty , except for the presence of Hanahme , I felt chills to be there alone waiting for who knows whom and with that dress archaic and that exaggerated makeup . Without having to do and tired of waiting , she looks around and decides to keep watching what was happening on the outside of the castle .
   The scenery was nothing warm or welcoming . People were being tortured or subjected to some kind of chore that would last forever ; souls were with looks of deep sorrow and regret , and others were casually , as if to accept or did not care about the evils which they have in life and all of them were supervised by a group of demons with features and ripe with exotic weapons drawn.
    Hanahme was moving away from the window, but takes the view when you see the soul of a woman and skeletal muída escaping from a field where there were huge rocks and heavy and running as fast as their legs covered in bruises could . She was almost out of the gates , but outside caught by Jake , who punished the woman with several blows of a whip black and emitted a purple flame , leaving deep scars in the soul , making her writhe in pain on the ground while being consumed infertile by the flames of the gun . Jake moved away and left her on the floor spasming even turn into ashes .
That is what happens when a soul disobey my laws .
   Hanahme turned from the window and saw a figure covered by a black cloak , black wings that were twice the height of it and a mask covering his face sitting on the throne with his head toward her. The girl still had no voice because I was shocked by what he saw on the outside and just sat there motionless .
- Come on, I do not bite .
   She was approaching at a slow pace and carefully calculated , stopping when he was in front of the man . The inside of her legs trembled and were ready to run , as well as the muscles of the arms was prepared for a possible defense.
   Lucifer rose from his throne and walked toward her with grace and nonchalance . When he was close , he felt the tension Hanahme , who backed away .
- Why am I here ? Who are you ?
- You are here because it is my will and I imagine that my children were not so polite , is not it? I am the ruler of all that, Lucifer.
- All of these are ...
   Lucifer stifled a laugh .
- Not really , but I consider all of them as if they were my children .
   Jake came in and Hanahme did not think twice : before the devil could close the door , she ran out in search of freedom . He took off his shoes and went running barefoot , without giving importance to the sharp stones that hurt your feet . Really she should not have left that room , which was their refuge for a few hours , but it was closer to the mortal world until now .

- Idiot ! Why not caught ?
- And you expect me advinhasse she would go running out the door ?
- Go after her!
   Jake sighed and turned back , according to the traces of the girl to a part of the path , where the shoes had been abandoned . He soon recruited a group of search and split in various directions to find it ..

  Hanahme was lost and did not know which way to go , but when he heard the guards were summoned and were scouring the territory. Her legs could not move , but the girl kept running , causing the thorns tore her dress even further and make cuts her face.
   When he realized he was away from the soldiers , she was allowed a few minutes of rest . Only when you stop running is that she felt short of breath and pain caused by the cuts began to appear . Her throat was dry and the race Hanahme barely keep himself standing . Confident that it would not be found soon , let your body slide to find the floor and sat for a few moments , in order to regain his strength and clear the mind in order to escape from that place as soon as possible .
   However , something wet touched her arm and made the girl get up frightened . When he turned to look at what or who was there , Hanhame sees a great dog with three heads and they were growling at her. The hair around the animal's neck stood on end and the dog prepared to jump on her and pounce , but suddenly stopped and showed himself friendly to the girl .
- He recognized you from somewhere , Cerberus will not hurt you .
   She looked around apprehensively , unlike the dog, who cared little who was there. Luke came out of the shadows and walked towards her , patting affectionate head of Cerberus , who barked happy.
- What do you think you're doing?
- I. ..
- There is no escape from here and all who try are severely punished .
   Hanahme shuddered and froze , remembering what had happened to that soul . How stupid she had been ! It would be better if she had been quiet in the hall of Lucifer and the desire for freedom left overwhelmed . Now would suffer at the hands of the person she feared most .