Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

❋ One: ˁᴱᴿᴬᴾᴴ

  Today six months ago I 'm in heaven as seraphim and archangels, seraphim and the Order decided to have a celebration - I'm not one of those who loves to party , but I could not refuse - . However , the celebration will be different because I will be able to stay on Earth and have a common day human again.
  The day is calm and there are so many calls from people to angels and not many requests for us , something that is very rare to happen , because I could never relax when I stepped from here . Not so long ago , I know, but for me it's enough to adapt to a new routine Nevertheless , I never felt so happy and so full time. Surely here is my place and all the angels are my family .

- Hey ! Can anyone help me here ?
  Oliver had a sky blue band wrapped around the body . The other angels burst into laughter and Tori was helping him out of that mess , making him rodpiar and fall into an empty box. He quickly stood up and prepared to finish the decor. I was getting restless , because they did not help me at all and I forced him to sit , watching everything .
  When I was almost dying of boredom , someone puts a blindfold over my eyes and hold my hand , leading me forward . I stumbled on something that looked like a foot, but kept walking up the same hand and hold me untie the sale .
- Live Sery !
- Viva !
  They had me fooled all the time . We were not really in heaven , we were at my house all the time . My mother came and meet me and hugged me with happiness and for a long time , enough so that my cheeks stay hot with shame , because they were all watching me .
- Mother , is getting embarrassing.
  She slowly released me and handed me a package that was a bit heavy . It was not my real birthday , we were just celebrating my arrival to the group of archangels , nothing more . I looked at her blankly , but she nodded , indicating that I should open .
  I tore the blue paper and opened the box . Inside it had a mini porcelain sculpture that portrayed our family . I felt tears stinging my eyes to see the image of my father, who had died in a train accident when returning from work when I was three years . I felt really miss him since then , but with effort my mother and I could resume our lives .

  The angels were late , completely distracted in several rounds of chess and checkers . Zeo won most of them , but lost when he played against Tori . I ventured to play a match against Oliver , who just letting me win. Did not like it , but at least I did not feel so bad ; strategy games have never been my strong point and I need to train hard before winning someone .
  When they left, my mother and I were alone , how long ago did not happen . My wings were stored in the back and helped my mother clean the rest of the party . Angels helped , but work called them and they could not stop to help. I showered and put my old light blue flannel pajamas . I took a look in my room , taking in every detail of my old life . I lay in my bed and my eyelids began to regret afterwards.
  Sleep seized me in moments.