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Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, November 4, 2013

☽ I. ℓєαяɳiɳg ωiтн тнє тiмє

  - Are you kidding me , boy? Where is your strength ? I can do this with one hand tied behind my back !
  Luke Walker was sitting on the branch of a gnarled tree , but it had a branch strong enough to support his weight . From there, he obervava and reveled in provocation at the expense of the new prodigy chosen by Lucifer to be a general of Hell . After several years of battle where he supported the archangels , Luke had felt no distraction or something that would occupy him most of the time, but now the devil was an object of fun .
   The apprentice was with the arm muscles sore and quivering and fully knowing that there would be more exercises - if one could call the torturous activities that required it to Luke exercícos - ahead before he made ​​a break with his body become even more distressed than he already was , after all, he spent much of his life as a human and never think to go through this kind of ' training ' . Sweat flowed incessantly skin , leaving a black shirt stuck to the body like tape and black hair that went up to shoulder height was glued to the face and neck . Which task would be so brash as to make a person look like this ? Simple, the task was more terrifying demons in training : lift and carry up the inside of the hall a statue of Lucifer eight feet tall made ​​of lead and silver depicting the emperor of hell with spread wings and a sword in hand , like a warrior prepared for a tough battle .

   Jake tried for the thirteenth time . He grabbed the base of the statue and took a deep breath . Arm muscles twitched visibly and the statue began to rise and move a few feet , but the boy staggered and his legs were shaking so much by exhaustion as by the weight he was carrying . Luke looked on critically , as he received this challenge to prove his ability as a general and since then it always moved the statue from one place to another when necessary without any difficulty .
- Let the energy of Hell enter your body and give you the necessary power . That way you'll never leave where you are and there is still a long way to go .
   He decided to obey the instructor and soon began to feel a big - no, huge - difference. The demonic power of Hell was being absorbed by every cell of his body , causing him to become stronger and more resistant to fatigue , and faster than it was . With that, he had strength enough to finish the task imposed on it and left both Lucifer and Luke satisfied with his progress . However , everything was not yet fully satisfactory , after all he was in Hell for more than six months and trained every day for several hours, so his performance should be better. But , it is what they say : ' living and learning ' . Jake did not do it to please the tutor, but soon to be a general and have wings and Luke had incredible powers .

   Once completed the training , Jake was allowed to rest and prepare for the next day . He went to his suite and took a long shower , then threw himself on the bed and fell asleep immediately. Confused dreams mixed with some memories deadly preechiam his mind in various disjointed scenes that came like flashes of memories , leaving his soul in static parallel dimensions that were the origins of dreams .
- Wake up! Do not think that just because you want to load that statue means I 'll give you a day off .
   Luke threw the water that was in a cup next to the bedside table apprentice , reaching full on Jake's face , causing him to wake up startled and choked . Another long training day waiting for him . Lacked very little that he soon became officially a demon and that his soul was tainted by darkness forever.