Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

† XXIX. тσσ ℓαтє †

  Enma was next to Lucifer, who finished ordering the servants that carried out some final details in ritual. The heavy black velvet curtains covered the window to keep out light and keeping the process away from the eyes of onlookers . The black marble was again polished and gleaming and objects for sacrifice were clean and fit to be used again . Luke tried to fight the tentacles to get rid of the thousandth time , but no use . Even the power of Victoria was not able to undo or weaken the power of Lucifer . That's right , Victoria was trying to free Luke so he could take Enma there along with the archangels as soon as possible .
   The girl stood before the cold marble , hesitantly . The Daaths and the two demons looked at her with concern .
- Go ahead - Lucifer whispered in the ear of the girl - You want to do this , do not you?
- Yes , sir Lucifer. - She replied mechanically and without emotion.
  Luke stared at it in horror and despair . If everything finished successfully , nothing would be left for good in the universe . Not even the Great Father in Heaven could prevent the Emperor of Hell and all created things since then would be thrown into darkness and colder tyrannical rule of Lucifer .
  General devil tried to cancel the mental power of the leader , but failed. Lucifer put a shield in her mind that the boy denied access to screw up again.
  The Emperor Enma handed a glass with a purple liquid that was slightly bitter , but sweet at the end and it was cold, which left the girl's body almost frozen inside .
- No!
  Lucifer smiled devilish son , and with the knife in hand, walked over to where the boy was and looked at him with eyes glistening by malice and ambition.
- Now it's your turn , Luke . You will give me all the power that inhabits her body .
- I'd rather die .
- I know, but it would not be too much of a punishment.
   Luke was freed and the emperor gave him the dagger . The boy tried to attack him again, however , Lucifer hit punch him and threw him against one of the columns that decorated the hall .
- If you dare to do it again , I'll tear him still alive slowly , so you feel clear every trace of pain and agony .
   The demon got up and stumbled a bit trying to keep his balance again. Straightened up and stood in place , watching everything around cautiously . Lucifer 's eyes narrowed and bristled wings , ready to fight back against a possible sudden movement or an escape attempt .
  However , he did nothing . He took the knife from the floor and walked toward the altar , ready to deliver the final blow in Enma . Lucifer, like all present were astonished by the transformation of Luke and the determination that walking him conveyed to others.
  The demon stood before the altar of marble and Enma looked and the way she slept soundly , without the slightest chance of defense. Victoria stared at him and he just gave a soft, imperceptible nod , which was enough for the girl act. She sidled close to Lucifer with tranquility and without attracting attention . When I was a suitable distance away , she nodded to Luke , who released the dagger of light against the heart of Lucifer as the Victoria immobilized long enough for the knife hit the corrupt heart and nefarious Emperor of Hell .
   A black light obscured the vision of all dagger and slid to the other side of the room , completely out of reach. Lucifer turned from the blow with the grace of a feline , Victoria throwing against the wall and holding her by the collar of his black leather jacket .
- Your Viper ! How dare you try to fool me ? You know who I am ? I am the Emperor of Hell , and would be the worst nightmare of its kind so pure and naive .
   Lucifer raised his free hand in the air and a trident and black with sharp spikes appeared in seconds , which was buried in the heart of the girl, who fell to the ground bleeding uncontrollably . Luke was amazed to see that a color liquid turquoise left her body in place of what should be a dark violet fluid . Soon her image was transformed to real form .
- Angel useless. - Lucifer took the body of the dying girl and threw it into a corner any like a piece of paper .
- She ... - One of Daaths prisoners began, but lost her voice .
- It is the Lord's messenger ...
- Jade . - Finished another Daath finally.
   Jade was dead . The attempt to cooperate with the plans failed and this failure cost him dearly . Luke felt a sorrow in the soul and jumped on Lucifer, Enma carrying arms. He spread his wings and glided across the room , but had her ankle intercepted by the emperor , who conjured up one of those black tentacles to hold the boy who fell down brutally on the girl .
- You will not escape me .
- Damn ! At least once the forces of Heaven could help , do not you think ? - Luke muttered to himself , looking up .
- Nothing and no one can help you now . This is the end , accept it as a good demon and help me gain power . If I win this contest , you will benefit more than anyone else to be my son .
   The demon stood up carrying the girl and used all his speed to exit through the windows , but Lucifer has blocked the passage and , with just one glance, caused the boy's body stayed frozen in place . The emperor took the girl 's arms and Luke colcou it back in marble stone .
- If you want something go right - he said , now with dagger in hand - do it yourself ... Not what they say, Luke ? Well , now I begin to believe it .
  Luke swallowed and managed to break free , but a strong and dense energy barrier made ​​by Lucifer prevented any creature to get closer to them .

  The three archangels felt Jade 's death and went as fast as he could to prevent further deaths . Followed the path that was down the hall in which the cell was Kira and trimmed wings to fly over the huge stone staircase worn that stretched before them . When they came near the weighing vessel , a shadow appears and blocks their path .
- Victoria .
- I'm not here to stop you .
- Then whatever ?
- I want to help you.
  Kira growled and prepared to shred Victoria , but Ethan contained and allowed Castiel had drawn more of the commander of Lucifer .
- And what do you get out of it ?
- I would gain freedom and my desire for revenge materialized.
- Interesting ... Continue .
- I've always been loyal to Lucifer from the moment I set foot on this land and my greatest wish was to have his favorite and could serve you in the best possible way ...
- But ...
- But Luke came here and Lucifer engaged in caring for the child prodigy like it was his legitimate son . He said that his star shines in Hell much more than the other demons here and nobody ever reach his level . - She said bitterly - But this I could bear.
- Go straight to the finalmentes ! We have no time to lose with their stories of anger and hurt.
- I recently heard the plans of Lucifer and felt betrayed , never imagined that he planned to get rid of me and Luke to be able to create a new army and dethrone Theos and then enslave all humans and Daaths .
  Kira got rid of Ethan and approached Castiel , looking at Victoria with bitterness and contempt.
- Long story short : you got angry because Lucifer 'll discard.
- That's right . - Victoria looked coldly at Kira - And you'd better treat me with more respect . If it were not for me you 'd still be in that cell .
- So it was you who gave us the keys ?
- Sure .
- How do you ...
- Those stupid soldiers are terrible liars . When threatened with treason they let the language ... But you 'd better hurry up , Lucifer is getting impatient and will have power in a matter of seconds.

  Lucifer has to sing the song in Latin calmly , because I was confident that no one could mess up the ritual and then all power would be his forever. Luke tried to attack in every way possible , but all attacks turned against him in the same instant . Soon , he heard screams and groans of the prisoners Daaths and turned to see what was happening . The power of Lucifer was consuming the vital energy of them , turning them into small skulls without any life . The castle was shaking violently like an earthquake , but soon calmed down and the demon saw the dagger hand of the emperor to be buried quickly and coldly in the heart of Enma .
  Luke felt the anger bubbling inside him , like a volcano was about to erupt and used all the power he had to try to stop the cycle . He managed to break the barrier , which was dismantled in the form of broken glass shading and ran to pull the knife from the girl's body . Lucifer laughed with humor and his laugh malignant prickled the hairs on the nape of Luke .
- It's all over , Luke . You can not do anything to stop me.
   General demon growled and invested the same dagger against the emperor, who intercepted the blow and threw Luke against a row of ceramic statues . His energy was alarmingly higher and he felt his poderees evaporate like smoke and he could do nothing about .
  Thunder cut the silence and showed Luke the true reality . The end was starting and there was no time . All power was being transferred to ekstasis Lucifer and nothing could break the cycle .