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Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, November 22, 2013

☽ XVI. ωнiรρєя

  She closes the door quickly and let out a long breath , allowing your body to collapse the wall . The sweat sprang from his forehead and hands , forcing her to take another shower to not only get clean again, but also to cool down , there came up empty handed .
  After having changed clothes , Luke appears contradicted expression.
- Lucifer wants to see you . He is in the hall .
  Hanahme nodded and pulled on a pair of black boots before descending the stairs two steps , but the intention of not so fast there for animation. On the contrary , as soon as that conversation ended , the sooner she 'd be alone.
  When he entered the hall, Lucifer was not there and she had to wait . Hanahme was getting bored , but not wanting the throne saw something that caught his attention. The book . Was there , completely unprotected . She walked over and reached out to touch him and looked around . Nobody in sight. The girl sat on the throne and began to read.

' The priest was looking for the nearest calendar. When clarified his thoughts turned toward the Thorn and said in condolences in his voice:
- I'm sorry , but your daughter is in love with the human incarnation of Lucifer , the king of demons .
  The girl's parents were shocked . Her mother could not hold back the sobs of pain and despair , and hid his face in his hands . The father did not know what to do and not what to think . Why did this have to happen to them ?
- You are so religious people , it is unfortunate that Lilith has fallen into temptation by him .
- There is nothing we can do ? - The woman asked , anxious .
  The priest shook his head dejectedly .
- Unfortunately the only options you have are to let her go with him or let her die in that window waiting for him . - He looked at the clock on the wall - I believe that Lucifer will leave the earth in half an hour. Think along the way back.
  They returned home quickly , and when they were approaching, saw Lilith in the window receiving the highest affections of blonde young woman , who knew already be Lucifer. The youth ceased cuddles and faced the girl's parents , paralyzed . The Thorn looked at each other and made ​​their decision . Even leave their hearts and they feel guilty forever, eventually decided that they should ... '

- What think you're doing ?
  Hanahme got scared and left the throne as fast as he could , despite not do any good , since Lucifer was already there .
- I. .. Is that ...
- You did not have permission to view that book .
  She shuddered, and felt afraid of the voice so serene Emperor of Hell . However , Hanahme swallowed and cleared his throat , ignoring his conscience .
- But ... What happened to Lilth ? Were you actually on that story?
  Lucifer nodded slowly .
- After her parents saw us that night , eventually yielding to Lilith free to go with me . She came here as my queen and turned into a demon days later . Although this is Hell , everything was different and better, however , when she died ... Well, it all collapsed and I could not take care of you , and to ensure that you could grow safely and within a complete family , turned it into a human . Why do you think Cerberus is nice to you ? He recognized his scent .
  Hanahme looked stunned for Lucifer. She had no words and his voice was gone .
- If you do not believe me, read the end of the book .
  She came back and continued , afraid .

' They decided that they should let her daughter leave, because her happiness was worth far more than anything , even if it meant to lose her to a demon , so be it . Lilith had her eyes lit up with joy and Lucifer held in his arms , disappearing into the mist that suddenly appeared .

  When we arrived in the kingdom of Lucifer , she became queen and came to rule Hell with him . Later , they were blessed with the arrival of a child , but weakened Lilith . The child was born a few months later and died Lilith .
  Lucifer had been devastated and Hell was in crisis . Unable to care for the girl, whose name was Nahemah , the emperor turned into a tiny human and sent it to a human family that could take care of it with dedication and affection . '

  Hanahme was even more incredulous . She looked at Lucifer and walked away from the book.
- I can not be your daughter ! If it were, I would have the same name as her, do not you think ? I can not be , can not ...
  Lucifer took off his mask and revealed his true features to her , who almost fell to the ground . The features of the face , the intensity of the eyes , it was similar to her features. However, only the colors changed . He had pearly eyes and silver hair , which meant dark hair and green eyes were possibly Lilith inherited .
- Believed now , my daughter ?
- But how ? Why my name is not the same book ?
  Lucifer smiled , but she did not notice.
- Analyze the names carefully .
  Hanahme looked at that name and concentrated to try to understand the relationship and hear a faint whisper and supernatural
- Nahemah ... Your name is Nahemah ... Hanahme never really existed .
- The letters ... Are shuffled .
- Okay , I see that the human world has not done it so bad after all .
- This ... My parents know that?
- Your adoptive parents knew everything , but decided to spare you the truth .
  Eyes Hanahme - or Nahemah - filled with tears she fought back . Realizing her effort to swallow crying , Lucifer replaced the mask and said coldly , like a real father would never say :
- You can go to cool off if you want. You can not leave , so I suggest not trying to escape , dear daughter .
  She did not think twice scampered through the door , running aimlessly through the immensity of the realm of the Depths .