Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, November 8, 2013

☽ IV. ωiċκєđ giяℓร gσ тσ тнє нєℓℓ

  Nadja kept stored paper until the next day . Meanwhile , she thought about accepting the invitation from abroad or not , but the evil side of her mind convinced her to leave the boy would bring more spotlight on it and more people would know her fame the world and that was what mattered .
   When he returned from college , she sat on the bed and threw the bag in the corner of the room , rushing to find the paper with his number . Jake Strife , was what was written underneath the mobile number . She held the phone with one hand , which was tingling to dial the number , but something in the depths of his heart told her to do that. Think of your family , the voice said . They now suffer for what you are and do not deserve greater suffering if something happens to you .
   The girl thought of playing the role in the trash , but before he could do so , another somber voice coaxed . ' You have nothing to lose , it's who was foolish enough to do this and you should teach him a lesson . ' Nadja agreed with the dark voice , but still did not feel absolutely secure about what to do and what not to do.

   Jake was lying on the hotel bed reading some of the books from the shelf calmly and quietly and was about taking a nap , but something inside her said that Luke was around, waiting for the moment of his failure .
- I hope you enjoyed the apartment that I booked , but I think you're too quiet for someone who has less than three days , Jake , and so far I have not seen you seriously looking .
- I'm all about control , it will appear sooner or later believe it . But what brings you here ?
   Luke shrugged and stood leaning against the wall to the east , without saying or doing absolutely nothing . He seemed bored and uninterested in that conversation . Fifteen minutes passed and the silence was absolute , not even a single noise cut through the lack of dialogue between them , they were immersed in his own thoughts . However , something awakens the meditative state .
- Jake Strife ... Oh sure, I was waiting for you ... Great , see you in an hour .
   Jake hung up the phone with an expression of triumph.
- For your face , something happened satisfactory .
- Prepare the passage to hell , my dear tutor Luke . I'll meet you there in a bit .
- You're a lot smarter than I expected ... Who is the happy soul?
- I do not want to spoil the surprise .
   Luke disappeared like smoke and Jake was preparing to take the prize to Hell .

   Nadja down the stairs of the house quickly as he heard the car horn Jake in front of his house . She wore a black dress that reached a little above the knees which was fastened by a strap around his neck , silver hoops in her ears and scarpin black shoes with silver skull design on the side .
- I'm leaving - she told her parents , who were in the room .
   Her father rose from his chair and stared at her seriously .
- Where are you going ?
- I'm going to a nightclub with a new guy in town .
- Nadja ...
- Do not have a curfew ! - She shouted , as far from the entrance of the house .
   Her parents looked at each other , desolate . Where did they go wrong ? If you could know for sure would redo it until it ceased to be so and it was a normal young man like all others , with the levels of rebellion and respect appropriate for her age .

   Jake and Nadja were in one of the hottest clubs in town and were on the dance floor , that electronic music played in big speakers distributed around the track . The sound made ​​the walls tremble every beat and bodies danced around them doing various steps and unpublished .
- So , what brought you to a place like this ?
- Say that his fame is on an international level .
   Nadja took a devilish smile at him , but said nothing . The best was yet to come , and when it ended the rookie would be over . Good for her , bad for him .
   The demon looked at the redheaded girl and nodded to the exit. She arched an eyebrow , wondering why he want to go there. Jake leaned over and whispered :
- I have better plans for us .
   Nadja squinted and followed , both making way through the crowd and being watched by two people who were at a table near the refreshment counter .
- So this is there? - The girl dressed in red asked .
- Probably. I admit I never expected that boy could. - The boy admitted with a slight tone in his voice surprised - Well , I can not miss the show . Are you coming?
   Victoria was in front , putting her hair back .
- I never miss it .
   Luke followed her to the door of the club and watched what was happening in the shadows .
   Jake drove the car to a deserted street and poorly lit , which led quickly to the hotel where he was staying . When they entered , the receptionist got the message and hissed a greeting respectful .
   When they entered the room , Nadja coloou the bag on the bedside table and sat down on his bed , which was neat and was soft . Jake walked from one side to another , restlessly , wondering what to do now . The girl went up to him and looked at him , waiting for his decision.
- What? Will stare for too long ? - Jake looked at her devilishly .
   Nadja wrapped her arms around him and found the lips of the devil . It was easier than he thought it would be.

   She did not realize she was unconscious until you open your eyes and feel the head weighing more than you should and feel the aching body . The girl could barely stand up, but was based on something hard and cold that was covered in moss. Nadja wiped his hands and walked away as fast as he could , with great disgust of the place where he was : the remains of some kind of ancient building were scattered , being consumed by time and covered in dirt, moss and ash and a sky the color of blood over her head . Terrified , she kept running away more and more , until hit something that was alive and cried , falling back on the floor .
   Her vision was a little blurred , but when he recovered , he saw a tall boy with black hair gently tousled , eyes crimson and black wings grandiose .
- Going somewhere , girl?
   Nadja rubbed his eyes to try to see better , because I thought I was seeing hallucinations . There was and everything became clearer and more real when Jake approached .
- She said she would bring something special ?
- It sure did not expect this - Luke looked in detail at her face and frowned with satisfaction - Nadja Dracul , the terrible . I give you my sincere congratulations , my dear apprentice and is pleased to announce that I 've passed the test , your training is complete .
   Jake smiled , showing his white teeth gleaming and Nadja looked with contempt and triumph before heading to Lucifer tell the good news .
- Now, let us take care of you ... - Luke looked at her , and she was still with tears streaming down her face looking around , looking for a way to escape . Realizing what she was doing , Luke clicked her tongue and shook her head no - no, no, you will not get out of here , girl.
- Where ... I. .. I am ?
   Luke smiled at her demonic and opened his arms , showing what is around for the newcomer before answering her question .
- You're in the realm of Lucifer , where only the worst are sent , this is the home of demons and nightmares of archangels and humans ...
- The Hell ?
- You learn quickly, girl, how did you fall into a trick like that? Black cars imported , new boys in town that are dark and mysterious , all this is our mark in the world of mortals .
- Please let me go , I swear I'll never do anything bad again. I will be the best person in the world and make it up to each person that I did wrong or humiliated .
- I would never allow it . If you be nice , we lost it , and you are a very rare piece , wickedness and rebellion in person , you will be very useful here in Hell , will bring us more power for sure .
  Nadja collapsed to his knees and sobbed as she had never done in my life , completely repentant of their sins and begging for mercy from Luke , who just watched with satisfaction .
- You ignored one of the rules of their parents , girl, the most important of all . Keep it to yourself , even though you will not be more helpful - Luke came and velvety voice whispered in her ear that made ​​her cry even more despair - Bad girls go to Hell .