Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

☽ II. bℓαċκ รκџ

  Most people see the Hell as a place made just fire where souls who did bad things are sent and where the most terrible punishments awaiting causing suffering and eternal regret . This is true , but not exactly like that . The corrupted souls are punished rather eternamentes with extreme cruelty , but they do not suffer because they are burned , but because the demons chosen by Lucifer and trained by Luke has specific recommendations on what to do with every soul in order to bring power to the emperor Hell .
  But we are not here to speak of Hell itself. What matters here is now the ultimate test of Jake , so that it becomes a general second class .
- Well - Luke walked from one side to the other , staring at Jake with devilish countenance - I admit that I am impressed by his strength , but we'll see how good you are as a demon. - The demon looked at the apprentice defiantly - I want you to bring forth the girl most cruel , cold and calculating Earth using only the art of temptation and illusion .
  Jake nodded , confident, but before giving back to the tutor , received a final warning .
- I'll give you a week and nothing else, understand? 'll Always be around , do not forget that.

  Jake Strife appeared in the mortal world in the middle of the night in a dimly lit alley in a deserted street , which served to shelter beggars and homeless animals until dawn . He looked intently around him , remembering the human experience that had to be chosen by the Inferno . The October wind passed him , bringing back the feeling of freedom and freshness , but also brought hoarse voices mumbling something incomprehensible behind him .
  The demon turned and saw a man who was ragged and thin as a stick with dark skin and badly treated by the sun chatting with a mutt dog beside him . Jake ignored the presence of both, but he soon resumed his attention to the old so heard screaming like crazy .
- A demon ! By God , somebody help me !
  The dog growled and prepared to attack Jake , but he was infinitely faster and with only one hand movement , both living creatures were killed , wounded in each place that corresponded to the heart .
- If I had remained silent , perhaps I had saved , but I believe that Lucifer will make good use of it .
   He kept walking casually down the street , where they had only a few teenagers bullies trying to take money from another smaller boy and cowardly as a mouse , trembling and sweating with fear and terror . Jake raised the collar of his coat and kept walking quietly on the opposite sidewalk , listening intently to the conversation they were having threatening . And then they say that demons are terrible , thought Jake , outlining a means discreet smile .
   The boys laughed triumphantly while counting the money and the boy saw him pale and desperate run to the end of the block . The eldest , who was probably the leader of the pack, saw the figure of Jake casually passing by and gave signal for the followers encurralassem the visitor . They were about ten and made ​​a circle around him , preventing him to go .
- Well, well , what have we here ? - The boy leader estralou fingers and sneered at his new victim - Looks like someone does not know the dangers of walking alone at night around here , is not it ?
   The others laughed mischievously and ceased once the leader motioned for them to silencing . Before the boy continued to talk , Jake pioneered roughly between them and continued walking as if nothing had happened .
- Will you let him do that , Drake ?
  Drake snorted and strode to reach the demon and hit him with a punch to the face . Jake turned to face him , her brown eyes flashing pure hatred , but he remembered the advice of Luke ; whatever happens , never show your essence. Humans can be annoying, but control yourself and soak up the hatred . That was what he learned and decided to put into practice , but did not leave his reputation tarnished. He raised his fist and struck the mortal boy with such force that made him crash into the wall of an abandoned land several feet away from the opposite pavement . The followers of Jake Drake looked completely pale and trembling with fear and went to where he was their leader , who was with the bones of the skull on the left fractured and bleeding profusely . He looked at Jake , who was resuming the walk with a triumphant smile and challenging to the human. Be careful with whom faces , boy. Not all are what you think , so I suggest you start being nice , otherwise we will meet again at the end of his life .
Jake said mentally to Drake that froze , thinking he heard ghostly voices .

  The demon continued his walk to the city center , where there was a small amount of cars on the streets and some bars , cafes and clubs open to groups of adolescents in varied styles : goths , punks , emos , clueless , the common style among countless other style and have not seen Jake go through there. When he was around the corner , a shadow of average height was waiting for him with his arms crossed leaning against a wall as if you were there for a long time.
- Evil has arrived in the mortal world and is already packing up trouble?
  Jake , who had not noticed the shadow , stopped and found the vision to see who it was. Luke . In fact , he was not kidding when he said he would always be watching him . The general second class did not answer , but Luke continued , with a slight tone of satisfaction .
- I'm really starting to be proud of you , kid . Never thought I could turn you into a real demon , but I confess agree with Lucifer now . - He undid the smile and resumed serious expression ever - But control yourself , otherwise plans will be discovered by the Order , understand? Avoid confusion if it does not want to deal with beings even more annoying than humans .
   Jake nodded and waited promptly any indication of the new master, but Luke disappeared then quick as a cat and the boy continued his walk through the city of Bucharest with great tranquility until you find a place to stay .
  A few steps ahead , he saw the purple neon sign esecuro as the name 'Hotel Black Sky. He came and went toward the counter, where a man wearing a black suit answered the phone with flawless attention and sympathy . When Jake approached the receptionist looked at him and gave a key card and a VIP hosting with the name.
- How to ...
- Let's say I already knew of his arrival , prodigy from the depths . Luke told me to get a room for you .
   Jake said nothing . He took the keys and the card on the counter and went to the elevator , where a pink - haired girl chewed gum shocking and exchanged the phone waiting for mansagens right floor . When he entered , she looked at him and quickly turned the attention back to the phone . Soon , Jake realized that she was a demon who decided to live on Earth .

   He noted the suite carefully and realized that all rooms should be tailored to demons . A spacious room with wallpapers dark gray with a large bed in the left corner , a shelf with various books with black covers velvet and leather, a fridge and a dresser with a mirror black framed by golden adornments . The bathroom was completely done with tile floors and black , with a dark gray bath towels and black . Jake decided to further explore the suite , which , despite having only two rooms was spacious .
   The demon looked everywhere , but saw nothing that interested . However , while sitting in bed , saw a relief in the corner of the wall and decicdiu investigate. He removed the wallpaper and found something that looked like a safe . Jake tried to open , but it was locked and there was no lock, just a slit on the side , where he used the card you received at the front desk to try to open .
  To his surprise , the door opened the safe in a click and then turned into a wardrobe , taking the whole wall . Inside the cabinet there was an endless amount of things so that the demons could come in contact with to Hell and they could do their meditations and rituals correctly.
- It seems that Luke has prepared everything well - Jake muttered to himself - Now it's time to take action.