Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

☽ XVIII. bєƒσяє

  Hanahme and Jake are thrown out of the portal violently , by falling on a wet sidewalk qua rain fell . It was not for one portion against the ground if not for the fact that Jake had left first and she sitting on the floor, looking at everything around them . It was a small town and a bit archaic and they were on a street that was not exactly busy , but it housed some shops , bakeries and bookstores . Passers solsaio stared at them , after all a couple standing in the rain in strange clothing was unusual for them .
  They stood and shivered Hanahme because the rain had wet all her clothes , making the wind freezing your bones . Jake barely paid any attention to it , just looked closely at the buildings that rose over the horizon , until he saw something like a hostel a few meters ahead . He grabbed the girl's hand and they both began to run through the streets to reach the site, but were calling more attention than they wanted .
- Jake , wait! Do not you think we should change first ? If we continue like this , soon the whole city will notice us and the intention is not that right?
  The demon nodded and they went to a clothing store that stood on the sidewalk . When they entered , the door bell rang and a lady grisallhos hair tied in a tight bun and appeared for both eyes over his glasses blue frame , which was sliding down her nose.
- How can I help them ? - Her voice was low and apathetic .
- We need some clothes , please.
- Come here .
  They followed the woman down a dark corridor that was behind one of the panelists and entered into a dusty and cramped room .
- Claire said she would . I'll be the middle of you , Lucinda .
- It's a pleasure . - Hanahme answered , but Jake remained silent through gritted teeth and with senses alert . Realizing this , the girl puts a hand on his shoulder and subtly says : - Be calm , ok ? If this keeps up , you will draw attention from a distance.
  Lucinda gave them some clothes that were in bags and new panelists pointed across the room where they were. They separated and exchanged quickly and when they left the tasters were unrecognizable . Hanahme left waging a fight with the blonde wig that was in the bag, but was dressed accordingly: cotton dress with cream-colored ruffles at the waist and the bar low heel boots of the same color dress and a jacket that went to the half of the skirt of the dress . Lucinda helped her put the blonde , smooth and long wig then put a strip of golden silk on his head like a tiara.
- Hey , Jake ! How long will it take then ?
- I'm already leaving.
  Jake came out with a furious expression and frighteningly white linen shirt , black slacks that were accompanied by a black leather belt and shoes of the same material and color of the belt aceentuavam even more austere than he carried at that time became demon.
- Not bad . - He replied , looking Hanahme .
- You did not . - She said - wait a moment ... Why do I only have to wear this stupid wig ?
- Because if you see Lucifer it will confuse her with Lilith ; With Jake no problem, because even he knows of his existence , Lucifer has forgotten seeing him someday.
  Lucinda gave a beige umbrella for them and wished them good luck. They went out of there quietly , with the intention not to draw attention , but everyone looked like they did not look amazed when they arrived and that made them more calm and confident .
  The hostel was on the next block and the rain grew stronger , forcing them to pick up the pace before they get soaked again. When they entered , a nice lady was setting the waiting room when he saw the young coming.
- Welcome . Would like to rent a room ?
  They nodded and the woman stood behind an antique desk . He took a notebook with a black cover and looked at the room numbers until you find a job .
- Could I borrow your identity , please?
  Hanahme Jake looked uneasily and pretended to rummage in her purse that Lucinda had given him before leaving . To their surprise , they found two identities : one with the name Annabelle Blake and another by the name of Edward Blake .
- You guys are brothers ?
- Yes - answered .
  The woman looked at them intently and grinned , giving them the room key .
- Room 101 . Go up the first flight of stairs and turn left .

   The room was average size and had two single beds on each side , accompanied by a small bedside table with a lamp , and a wardrobe that occupied an entire wall whose interior smelled of mothballs .
- That there is time for rain? - Jake was frustrated looking out the window .
- Tomorrow the weather improves and we can look ... Jake , do you happen to know what to look for here?
- Claire said that we would know then remains only to look.
- Where ?
- Last time, I found everything I needed on the east side of a city , but it was not this .
- Well , it costs ... - Her speech was interrupted by a yawn - ... Following this idea .
- In its place , worry on some sleep . Let's look tomorrow morning .
- Good night , Jake .
- Good evening .
  Hanahme poured into one of the beds and fell asleep soon after. Jake stared at the rain , waiting for a sign that tomorrow could start looking. The moon appeared during the night , illuminating the room and the serene face of the girl , who was shivering . He approached her and covered her with a blanket that was on the edge of his bed .
- I never thought I would return to the human world , even in passing. Thanks for bringing me here again, Hanahme . To me, you're not a demon , is an angel .
  She stirred and sighed , but Jake did not mind not receive a response . After all , what was important was indeed find the lost object and they had no time to lose .

  The rain had stopped and the sun's rays and tried to overcome apathetic gray clouds passed and the sky lazily . Hanahme and Jake got ready to go out and explore the city as a tourist couple brothers from a distant city. People walked the streets hurried to go to work and barely noticed the two walking to and fro , but noticed a young man wearing a brown overcoat with blond hair sneaking adjacent sidewalk . They preyed step and followed him at a safe distance , ensuring that he did not realize he was being followed .
  Remained so for some time to go to a single neighborhood with similar houses and saw a girl in the window that had a broken and dark circles look. Jake and Hanahme passed quietly , but with sharp ears .
- I can not go .
- Sure you can , I'll come back at night to see you and we will leave together .
  Hanahme froze upon hearing the man's voice : Lucifer. So they were already meeting and Lilith was already entranced by his presence .
- Jake , we have to come back here at night.
  He agreed with a nod and both continued the way to return to the clothing store Lucinda . The woman showed surprise at their appearance again.
- What brings you here ?
- We need our old clothes . We have something to do and these clothes are not suitable for this.
- Well, you were lucky they are dry and I have not thrown them out yet . - Lucinda bent down and picked up the dress from under the counter , which were folded in plastic bags - are here , but try not to draw attention .
- We are professionals , we have everything under control .

  Night fell and they got rid of the cumbersome and archaic clothing wear the usual clothes again. Hanahme held her hair in a ponytail and Jake put a dagger at the waist for extreme cases and packed the blankets that seemed sleeping bodies . They went out the window and walked through the silent roof and gracefully as cats. The tiles were still damp and slippery , making it more difficult route , however , used the wings to fly to the height of the gray clouds , which would not be seen by anyone.
  It was not long and soon saw Lucifer in human form calmly walking the same path that had the morning to the home of Lilith again. The youth followed cautiously and landed on the roof of a house not far away and saw that Liith gesticulating and crying , enquando Lucifer remained static, moving only to comfort the girl . They stayed that way for awhile, but when he heard Lilith assutou parents approaching her bedroom , forcing Lucifer from .
- Now is our time , we will .
  They followed Lucifer, but without you wear the wings this time . Not to compromise the investigation , both walked the rooftops behind the supreme demon , so that their shadows were visible not for him , we went through a tortuous and complex path, which certainly required a good memory . Hanahme felt his legs hurt and they had to slow down .
  Lucifer walked a few more miles to a deserted crossroads and opened the black wings , flying toward the north. Young people followed him beating with silent wings to center the clouds , where they could see a tall, old building , which was certainly abandoned. They stopped when they saw Lucifer landed in a window on the fourth floor and into hiding wings .
- What is he doing?
- That's what we'll see .
  They were a risky distance from the room where the Emperor was , but they could see what was hidden inside. In the darkest corner of the room , Lucifer took a cedar box painted white and stood admiring its content, which was not visible to the young on the outside , but they did an electric current passes through their bodies and adrenaline is injected into the stream blood both.
- What we look for sure is inside the box .
- We need to wait for us to get out Lucifer .
  But , contrary to what they thought , Lucifer leaned on the bedroom wall and his body fell asleep . Hanahme and Jake sat on the roof where they were and waited patiently for the dawn .

- Hanahme , wake up!
  The girl slept on Jake's shoulder and was stretching as seen from above Lucifer walking stealthily through the streets again.
- It's all clear . The time is now.
  They looked around and jumped from the roof , walking hastily to the entrance of the building , which was blocked with several pieces of wood nailed , but they left some holes that were sufficient for them to enter . There was no light and the day was still overcast , causing their vision had to be adatar with darkness . The elevator did not work and they had to climb the flights of cement stairs that were moldy and dusty . Skyrocketed every two steps and soon reached the desired floor . However , another challenge would be to find the right room . They divided and each opened doors on each side of the aisle . All were locked.
- What do we do now?
  Jake smirked and kicked the door that was in front of him .
- Let's just do what we do best ... Let's break down the doors .
  Hanahme was hesitant , but saw no other alternative but to do what Jake said . One by one , the doors were forced open and found nothing , but when Jake broke open the last door it ...
- Found it!
  Hanahme was towards him and tried to flip the switch and , to their surprise , that was the only room with electricity. They searched every square inch of the room, but found no opening .
- This is ridiculous ! How can he hide this thing so well ?
- I'd also like to know ...
  Hanahme stumbles into something metallic and round on the floor and drops to her knees on the floor with a thud . Jake goes over to her and helps her up, looking at the floor and looking for the place where she stumbled .
- A ring ... That is stuck in the ground and hidden by dust. In the end, he is not as discreet as well .
  He could not stand the secret door Hanahme alone and was willing to help and it made could lift opening , guarding the white box . She held the object and was tempted to open it , but Jake took her hands and shook her head .
- Let embroa here .
  Hanahme nodded and they closed the door again and ran to the stairs , but Lucinda was waiting for them .
- What are you doing here ?
- Give me the box , stupid demons .
- Lucinda ? You were not on our side ?
- Hanahme , she is a Daath and I should have realized this before .
- You are smart , but not at the right time , is not , Jake Strife ?
  Jake gritted his teeth and handed the box to Hanahme , pushing it behind him , without taking his msa ohos Lucinda , who watched the box with eager eyes .
  Demon and Daath is attacked without saying a single word . Jake was with deep scratches caused by the claws of Lucinda , who was also wounded by the blows of the dagger boy . The Daath overthrew the demon tripped and stepped on Hanahme , who was still in the hallway , but was forced to fight for the first time. Lucinda had no mercy and attacked like a wild animal, making cuts at the girl's body and causing blood to drain and spread the concrete .
  Jake stood up and, seeing the wound Hanahme , snarled and shouted to the girl open the box . She looked at the demon , who nodded quickly as she ran toward her with the dagger in his hands.
- Now ! - He shouted , digging the knife in the back of Lucinda .
  Hanahme opened the box , releasing a black light that engulfed the young , carrying them back to the library of the Deeps .
- They managed ?
- Here .
- Why not Daaths had said at that time? - Jake flushed with anger .
- If I knew that , I would have said, but did not know you would be so foolish as to believe that I came in contact with someone to help you even if I knew where you would stop .
  The demon huffed and sat in a chair , waiting for Claire to take appropriate action .