Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

☽ XIV. đαɳgєяσụร мiรรiσɳ

   Hanahme woke with a start , as the end of the story of Lilith tormented her as a ghost . She turned from one side to the other in bed , but sleep had disappeared . The clock marked 6 am , but she was completely electric . He jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom , where he took a quick shower and dressed in a gray shirt , black jeans and black high-top sneakers . Before leaving , she leaned her face at the door , waiting to hear any noise . As heard nothing , returned to the room and walked from one side to the other , until he found a notebook cover and a silver fountain pen in a drawer of the bedside table . She looked inside the object and saw that there were no notes on it .
   She looked at the clock again and waited for some sign that someone was awake, but heard nothing and therefore was not allowed to leave the room . Hanahme sat cross-legged on the bed and began to write in the notebook his dream , which included hitória Lilith and one end of which she could not remember and therefore thought that register all your dreams and nightmares morning , maybe I could remember what he dreamed and get answers that no one would answer .


   When the clock struck seven, the first signs that the demons were waking appeared , however , Hanahme was too focused on what I was writing did not hear a single noise even .
   Jake gets up and decides to go to the girl's room to check that she was still there . Found the door of her room and entered without knocking , catching her by surprise , I was thinking about what I wrote and hid the book behind his back when he saw the devil coming .
- No more knocks on the door ? From what I know I have the right to privacy.
- No one here cares about your privacy . What are you hiding behind your back?
   Hanahme gulped and tried to push the notebook and pen down pillow without drawing more attention to Jake .
- What are you doing here ? - She ventured to ask .
- I'm following orders , thanks to his escape attempt now I have to come here every morning to ensure that you keep in the room. - He looked at her with narrowed eyes and approached her - What are you hiding in there?
- Nothing .
   Jake made ​​a sound of disapproval and pulled the girl 's bed - that almost came face to face against the wardrobe - to then begin to inspect the sheets and FIND what she was hiding .
- So that's it ? - The demon began to read , but felt desenteressado and threw the book in bed - do not worry , not their stories captivated me .
   Hanahme exhaled neither knew was suspending with relief and slipped through the bedroom door , which was locked . That was close , she said to herself and was staring at the notebook with eyes distant , still sitting on the floor , but felt something poking at his back and saw a black hair with a pair of crimson eyes staring at her .
- What is it ? Want to get back in jail ? Open this door and go down ! Milly is preparing your coffee .
   Luke then disappeared and she rose hastily , opening the door and down the stairs with no will. Despite complaining of his stomach , she thought of a way to know the end of that story .

   After we finished taking the breakfast in silence , Hanahme climbed the stairs again and headed toward the library , which , to his surprise , was locked . She stood at the door with his hand on the doorknob , looking for some kind of lock, but found nothing . Frustrated, she crept back into the bedroom and lay on the bed on his back staring at the ceiling with his mind completely empty , but at the same time overloaded .