Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

† ℓσѕт ωιηgѕ: тнє ρяι¢є σƒ α ℓιƒє †

   The archangels invaded the hall and felt the power of Lucifer as a gust of wind powerful and hostile . Castiel saw Enma dead on the marble and blood oozing from her body and being wasted and Ethan saw the bodies of Daaths completely distorted and with nothing to offer. Unlike the other two , not Kira stood up and ran to where he lay Enma .
- She ...
   Kira could not finish the sentence , because the tears choked her voice and kept talking. Castiel approached the girl's body and , with eyes brimming tears , Lucifer attacked with anger and sadness . However , a strong glow scarlet came and Lucifer turned into something more powerful and invulnerable . Silver hair were rigged back with a black and gold helmet , giving him an austere and terrible with the pearly look full of power and black wings that were double the previous size . The archangels and the devil and joined together to try to attack and saw several black marks that adorned the neck and face of the emperor, leaving it even more beautiful and respectable menacingly . He took a deep breath and raised his arms , feeling every cell of your body absorbing the new powers , transforming it into an invincible and powerful .
- I have nothing to deal with you , bugs . Théos owe me something and I'll charge it. - His voice was cold as ice .
  The four were upset . Luke bristled wings and prepared to take off, but Kira grabbed his shoulder and said , in a serene and confident , looking up .
- Our Father will know what to do , do not worry . Just trust in Him.

   Lucifer quickly flew toward the sky like a rocket . A concussion took care of the Earth because there was an imbalance and absolute power of Lucifer was beginning to change the universe .
   The archangels were concerned and static in their functions when they saw the figure of the Emperor of Hell coming to the divine altar . Order members left their posts and headed with swords and whips in hand to prevent Lucifer reach Theos .
- Guardians of the Laws , drop your weapons . - A deep voice echoed through the serene heaven
- But ...
- Insist on countering my order , Daniel ?
- I'm sorry , Father
   The keepers lowered their weapons , but remained suspicious and watched every single , subtle movement of Lucifer , ready to prevent any attempts of betrayal .
  The devil kept hitting the black wings to the throne of Theos , who was waiting for her brother with eyes closed and in deep meditative state , regardless of the malignant energy that overlapped the power of all the inhabitants of heaven
What brings you here , Lucifer ?
- Do not be so cynical , you know very well why I'm here . I want what is rightfully mine . I want this throne and all the power in my hands .
   Théos ollhos opened and stared at his brother with two serene lakes and pleasantly blue . He rose from his throne and stood facing Lucifer, without losing authority.
- And your conscience told you that?
- I do not care of their games , Theos , you took care of everything for a long time and now is the time you fall .
   The leader of Heaven did not answer , just walked away from the throne and made way for Lucifer to do whatever he wanted . The guardians of the Order were stunned and wide-eyed. Haley wanted to move forward and protest, but Theos prevented .
- What will become of us , Father ?
- If you believe in justice , you have faith in and see it 's going to happen .
   Lucifer looked archangels and Theos with triumph and contempt decidiamente and walked up to the throne made of crystal , white gold and silver, which seemed to have its own light . The demon looked at the symbol of great power and sat on it . At first , nothing happened and small bands of light came out of the throne , as the power that was contained there estivese being built by Emperor of Hell .
- Now you are all my servants and slaves . Kneel before my greatness !
- If you think anyone here will consider it really powerful or worthy of respect ! You do not belong here! - An archangel approached and rebelled .
   Everyone turned to face the angel who was coming and was shocked. The Order froze , thinking they were crazy , but found that the missing limb was back .
  Kira 's face was wet with tears and dirty with ashes of Hell , but still had enough courage to approach Lucifer and face it . The Emperor narrowed his eyes and smiled poisonous .
- You may have gotten out of the depths , but I have power over everyone now .
- No! You do not have ! Enma did not choose to go to Hell ! You kidnapped and even killed all Daaths !
  Several whispers were audible and Theos heard everything patiently , without surprise or amazement. Lucifer took the whip black belt and struck Kira quickly and violence , causing her to stagger and fall back against the floor made of fluffy white clouds .
- Anyone else dares contradict me ?
  All remained frozen in place , but the wrath of Lucifer, for another reason even more disturbing and fascinating . Realizing that the time was coming , Theos came and said kindly and with compassion to his brother :
- You can still repent and return to his true throne , Lucifer.
- This is my throne ! Always was ! I have nothing to regret , now get out of my face !
   A golden light brihou the crystal throne and wrapped the body of Lucifer as flames pure and serene , accompanied by the choir of archangels and seraphim , who became excruciating for the devil and made him tampasse ears and growl , quite angry and upset . The glow faded along with Lucifer, leading him to where he should be for the rest of life .

    Luke constantly cursing the disappearance of Kira and the fact that he lost the chance to stop Lucifer and everything has gone wrong . Castiel and Ethan watched over the girl's body , which was still on the marble and the black body cold and extremely pale .
- I knew I should have stopped Lúcfer !
- Do not complain , you idiot ! If you had not fallen archangel all the conversation that could have been prevented - Victoria countered coolly .
- No use complaining , Luke . What happened, happened . - Castiel said with regret .
- That's why you're so stupid ! I first thank you for being a demon . - Luke looked archangels with crimson eyes inflamed with anger - You conform to all, never try to reverse a situation ! I will not be standing over here!
   Before the general could move, a loud bang is heard and a light gold color invades the gloomy hall , obscuring the view of the boys and Victoria for a few seconds . They prepared to attack when they saw the figure of Lucifer again there, however , fell and lowered their guard when they realized that something was different in the power of the Emperor of Hell : he was calm face , a mixture of compliance and natural austerity . He looked at Enma , who lay dead and approached . Ethan prepared to acançar but Castiel stopped him , holding his friend's shoulder .
   Lucifer took the dagger from the body of the girl and looked at each of those in the hall at length , to finish the thought that dominated .
- I have no sort of sentimental speech to make them , what matters is that Hell will continue as usual, and that for this girl may live again , you need a small price .
- What is that price ? - Castiel asked hopefully.
- If you want to apply , you must open up their wings and be a man like any other .
   Castiel flinched . As much as he liked Enma , he would never give up the wings that had to return to her life . He had never intended to become human even by love and therefore remained silent . Ethan was crestfallen because he never wanted to be a human , the memo thinking went at the head of Luke , who would never give up the fantastic powers that had to Enma could relive .
- I agree.
  All directed attention to the girl who was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and was approaching decidedly .
- Are you sure ?
- Yes
- Wait a minute : this is a joke? If so, know that this is not the time , girl.
  Victoria slapped Luke head and walked away toward the altar .
- Shut up , boy. I'm doing this for me and not for her. I always wanted to be free to do what you want and when you want and be human is the path that will give me that.
  Lucifer demonstrated anything , just waited for Victoria and approached with a silver sword , cut off the wings of the devil , which evaporated soon after , leaving only two gray feathers on the ground . The place where the wings used to be turned into small marks with exotic designs , like tattoos . A portal appeared and Victoria looked at everyone for a moment and saw that Luke silently applauded and gave a final nod, followed by a grimace , which made the former demon smile before leaving for a mortal like all other .
   Once Victoria left the black marks that adorned Lucifer 's face disappeared gradually and the power just flowed from him to Enma , who was beginning to regain consciousness slowly choking and feeling his throat dry . Once she regained consciousness and managed to open my eyes could not hold back a cry of terror on seeing Lucifer around. Castiel and Ethan bolstered her and helped her stand up and balance .
- Luke , if you want to accompany them , can go . If you want to return , the portal will be open for two minutes .
- No. I'm not as sentimental as it sounds . Not worth it.
  Luke suddenly disappeared and then returned with a silver necklace with a bead delicate and carrying a pendant in the shape of a crescent moon in purple and threw it to Enma .
- This is a souvenir , so you do not forget that once stood here . Now you have to go.
  The archangels and the girl nodded and headed for the portal.
- I thank you for your decision , Emperor Lucifer.
- Take the time you will have to rest , it is not over yet .
- We'll be waiting .
  Castiel Luke greeted with a nod and plunged into the portal behind Enma and Ethan , who were in the human world waiting for them .

- Well , it all ends here . The cycle has been broken and you can live like a normal human again, unless by supernatural souvenirs .
- It is true . Thank you for saving me .
- Actually, who are you saved so far as human .
  Enma looked at Ethan , with confused look when he heard footsteps approaching .
- I did.
- Thanks, but no need ...
- I did not do for you , but I also have to thank you , if not for his weakness I could not be here now .
- Convinced as always ... - Ethan whispered to Castiel , who laughed.
- Now we have to go . The Order calls us , but I believe you want to review two people .
  They disappeared in a silvery light , leaving Enma stop the garden of her house , looking around , expecting to see something or someone .
- Daughter ?
- Mother !
  Crystal was alive again, but she did not remember what had happened , just thought her daughter had gone to a camp and had returned today. After embracing a sound of hurried footsteps was heard and felt someone hugging Enma .
- Kira !
  They smiled and hugged again. When released , Enma saw the bright and delicate wings of Kira .
- You are ...
- I am an archangel of the Order .
- That's good , you'll go home , right?
  Kira nodded, looking sad and soon took flight into the clouds , waving briefly to the mortal friend , leaving a plume its wings falling toward Enma .
  The sun shone harder and she saw all the archangels of the Order gathered the clouds and looking at her with looks ranging from respect, longing, admiration and love . Clouds , Castiel made a breeze touched Enma and bring her a white gold bracelet with sapphires , along with his voice .
- This is a gift from heaven for their courage and for being special. We will always be around, just look at the sky and the clouds whiter .