Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, November 25, 2013

☽ XIX. รєċяєт яσσм

  Claire opened the white box and Hanahme , more than anyone , stood still and apprehensive , striving to the utmost to see what was inside the object . The librarian noticed the anxiety of the girl and took a crystal bottle with a dark, dense red liquid . She looked young and put the bottle back in the box , throwing it back to the size of it .
- Jake , coccino , cum est Serenum .
  He nodded and held Hanahme by the wrist , leading to the passage that was inside the library and that led to another darker and cold aisle. They walked and the echo of his footsteps could be heard . There was not much light around and it made everything more difficult . By being a secret place , should be a small place , but it was like a giant maze and numerous cement stairs .
- What Claire said to you?
- You'll know soon , I can not say now .
- Why?
- It's still not safe . Come on.
   They rounded a corridor to the left and then another right . They climbed another flight of stairs and followed ten steps ahead and then turn right again , where a door made of polished metal waiting for them . Hanahme was surprised by the high degree of conservation that huge gate, which had a drawing of a girl draped in a blanket with a cup in hand, looking to Lucifer. She pulled away from Jake's hand and ran towards the entrance , as if a magnetic force was pulling .
- Hanahme , no!
  Before he could stop the girl , a person comes out of the shadows with a whip in her hands and with a firm authoritarian floor. Hanahme froze and Jake froze in place .
- Well, well , what have we here ? Looks like you're conspiring with the rebels , Jake ?
  The boy did not reply , just gulped .
- What are you doing here ? What they did to Claire ?
- She let us in , now get out of the way!
  Luke looked at the girl with cholera and prepared the whip to attack , but recoiled when he saw the wings on her back . The demon gave a loud laugh and severe before composing herself .
- I never imagined that you would Nahemah , however , if you look closely , you are like Lucifer and a bit with that human , Lilith .
- How do you know ?
- Every demon has an obligation to know this, however , only the higher charge may know this place and save it so that there is no invasion of those filthy souls . I'll give them a try : if you come out here now , I can pretend it never happened .
  Hanahme went out of his shock and regained his voice , ruffling their wings , trying to convey some authority .
- Move! Now !
  Luke broke the smiling face and hit a stroke of the whip on the right side of her face , leaving a red and extremely sore spot . Hanahme eyes filled with tears , but she kept moving forward without caring so much with the whipping he was carrying . If she had a chance to get out of that place , surely would, for this or that had to die trying . Jake returned to normal and ran with clean hands to prevent her to continue being wounded by Luke, who did it with monotony. He stepped in front of Hanahme and let the whip wrap in general right forearm .
- Hanahme , when I say , run over there and lock the door from inside .
- But ...
- I'll be fine . There is a book about what you should do . Good luck
  She had no time to dispute , as Jake pushed her toward the door while Luke was advancing on him fiercely . Hanahme climbed the three steps and looked at the demon who helped come up here before entering.
  The gate was unlocked and opened with a clang .
- No! - Luke roared and Jake left the ground , advancing toward the girl, who quickly closed the door and locked it , leaving the two demons on the outside .