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Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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 The Battle of Hell was over. The archangels and all other celestials returned to fulfill their proper functions . Théos remained in power from heaven , and with the return of Kira , everything went back to work as there is not time worked. New members were trained to do what was needed between the mortal world and the celestial world . Ethan Collins was promoted and acts as the third in command , after Castiel , who has not changed his lonely and reserved way after going through everything on Earth .

❋ ❋

  I remember the day I arrived to Heaven
  It was a week after my sixteenth birthday . I was at home helping my mother with the dishes from lunch when the bell rings . I dried my hands on a dish towel and went to answer the door .
- Serenity Lightwood ?
  I nodded , a little afraid . How that guy know my name ? He was a little taller than me and wore a black pinstripe suit with chalk and a firm neck tie . Her eyes were blue as I had never seen , a very serene and deep blue , like a lake of crystal clear waters , with nothing to hide from anyone ; hair was dark brown and slightly wavy . Certainly should not have more than thirty- three years.
  My mother came to the door and his eyes widened when he saw the man who was at the door . She knelt to the forehead to find the floor and muttered something I did not quite understand . I confess that I have never seen my mother this way and that worried me .
- How can we be useful to the Lord ?
- Serenity was chosen by the Order to receive a post in My Kingdom and came here to take it .
   I watched as my mother raised her head off the floor with eyes brimming tears . At first , I knelt beside her to say she would not go anywhere , but I realized that crying was after all happiness . She was proud of me because I would go to Heaven ? Not yet believed on any point of the story and got me mad , determined to slam the door in the guy's face when I see two lights behind Him , one silver and one pink , from which came a boy with black hair and golden eyes and a redheaded girl in violet eyes , respectively. When the light faded , I saw a pair of wings on their backs , supporting them just above the ground. The girl's were orange color and the boy were slightly silvery .
- We brought what the Lord asked .
   The guy with blue eyes looked at them and took a bottle that had a fluid white and other color blue , which were in the boy's hand , and mixed the two liquids to form a light blue color almost the same color of His eye . Then the girl held out a golden chain with delicate details in all around him . He poured the contents of the bottle over my head , but I was not wet , just felt a shiver go through my body, but that lasted only briefly. Then he put the chain around my neck , and at the same time , a pendant of turquoise color in the shape of a rose appeared . I thought it all very cute, but weird at the same time, my mother said nothing , just looked at him and nodded , her eyes overflowing happiness. She hugged me tight and at length and realized she was sobbing again.
- Serenity: after being soaked with the essence of angels and to be chosen, it is up to you to decide what you want. If you choose to join the faction of angels in heaven , may have eternal life , contact with the human world and his family regularly.
- What if I do not accept ?
- Your memory will be erased for our safety and you will continue your ordinary human life.
   I looked at my mother and she opened an encouraging and proud smile at me , looked at the two angels , who also smiled and thought about what was right. Have eternal life would be nice , especially if I still have contact with a part of me . However , I would not see my friends and would have to abandon my plans for a human future.
  Ah ! But what would be more exciting and exhilarating than to live forever and still see the evolution of the people every day ? I hugged my mother once again and walked a few steps to Him
- I'm ready .
  He smiled and nodded , exchanging glances with the redheaded girl and the boy with the golden eyes , then disappeared . I looked at them without understanding what they were expecting, but felt a sharp pain in my back , as if someone had stuck two knives and ripped my flesh from tip to tip . I knelt on the floor, but no one except my mother , moved to help me . To people who were angels , they should be more helpful, right?
- What have you done with my daughter ? - My mother was distressed .
- Do not worry, she'll be fine soon.
  In fact the pain disappeared seconds later and immediately felt lighter . I looked down and saw it was a breeze floating and messed my hair and gave off a faint and familiar sound : wings . I had wings ! I risked flying a little higher and dove in the air, pirouetting and doing tricks that never dreamed of doing in my life . I placed my feet on the ground and looked all aghast .
  Both angels looked at each other and the boy spoke for the first time.
- Are you still in transformation , and for now , you should not get rid of that necklace, he is the only one who can ensure that their wings remain there and that his powers appear gradually if you lose it, your life as Angel is lost and who get hold of this necklace could be transformed into a cruel and ambitious person .
   I nodded , showing that he had completely understood the message and he took flight toward heaven The girl approached me , smiling and took off too, but I waited . I opened my new wings and took off , noting not only as my mother but also my home town and the whole world seemed small as I climbed .
- Are you enjoying your flight ?
- Yes , it's amazing !
- The first time is always the best . 'm Nora .
- I'm Serenity , but I think you should already know .
  She nodded and smiled and looked up .
- There is still a bit to get there.
- Can I ask a question?
  Nora looked at me patiently .
- All angels are human ?
- No. Only the most special humans are awarded the right to become angels and the Order up to us to choose these people . We looked at the stars each newborn see whether or not she has the ability to become one of us . You will see , Ethan , the youngest member of the Order was a human , but it was upheld still small , after the death of his parents .
  I let the silence linger a bit and ventured a question .
- And who was that other angel ?
- Is Castiel . He is a Member of the Order more reserved and serious of all the angels , but is a good person . He looks after the strategic part when there is possibility of war against Lucifer and also takes care of the calculations of the population of angels that are in heaven .. See , welcome to your new home .
  Dipped in golden light that was before me and I came across a whole new world . Several angels flew rushed from one side to the other always in groups .
- There are the guardian angels - Nora pointed to a group of angels with halos on his head and dressed in white robes - Then there are the warriors archangels - she mostou angels muscular and alert, but calm and friendly appearance - Further , are order of the archangels : Daniel , our leader , Haley , who takes care of advising the leader , Kira , who works with Ethan for good human , Castiel and I , finally , to the right , we have the group of seraphim , which are closer to our Father and we have the same degree of importance as the guardians of the Order , but they specifically take care of what happens in the human world and the underworld , where Lucifer lives , and that group is what you will get .
  I approached , afraid of not being accepted , but one of the seraphim , straight hair and brown almond eyes and made ​​room for me to join the circle . He was friendly and personable appearance , as well as all other seraphim .
- I'm Zeo .
- I'm Suzanna . - Was a girl with short red hair , but with golden highlights and green eyes , he shook my hand.
- My name is Tori - a girl with pink eyes and pearlescent with black hair smiled at me in welcoming manner .
- It really is a pleasure , Sery . I am Oliver - he was a seraphim and extremely friendly and hospitable , who smiled constantly , forming dimples . Was blond and gray eyes . - Welcome to the group of archangels ... Well , you can let us take care of it , dear Nory ! - He patted the shoulder of Nora .
  Nora looked at me and waved cheerfully . After that day , I get along with all the angels of all groups and then , Heaven became my second home .