Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

☽ V. bụттєяƒℓiєร

  Across the city, which was now back to normal with the disappearance of Nadja , a family living together and everyone loved each other very much. This family was originally from England and , because of the employment of William White , they moved to Romania . So the young Hanahme White had always the friendliness and hospitality of everyone from day one , but Nadja never adapted to the idea that someone else had to receive attention but her , so the girl was despised English the redhead , who knew her secret .
   She was a happy girl , smart and kind to everyone , many said that she had a heart of gold and her parents were very proud of Hanahme . However , they never told her something important for fear of making her suffer , even if he was wrong , they both knew the serious consequences this would have on her life and the impact would be strong and such a result could not be supported.

   In another normal day at school in which a student Nadja , Hanahme was picking up his belongings from the locker to go home to study for a test calculation , when one of the followers of redheaded girl mysteriously appears near her .
- Oh ! You scared me , Molly .
- I'm sorry , Hanahme .
- Is something wrong ?
- No - she looked at her feet for a moment , but composed himself - Well, as Nadja is no longer here to do harm to anyone else , I felt responsible for apologizing for what you went through in her hands .
- It's okay , do not worry about it . I admit I was very sad the way it was , but I feel no resentment for what she did to me .
- I see ... Well , I know I could not ask for it , but I would like to be your friend again , I think I got carried away by the fame of Nadja and I defiled her with evil .
- Sure - Hanahme smiled happily Molly - A friend back to us is always welcome .
   Both were due to their homes , but something happened on the way to the left and Hanahme surprise and wonder. By having photographic habits , she took the camera in the bag and took several pictures of a phenomenon completely surprising and rare, she probably would not see in your entire life .
   To meet her , came a cloud of butterflies with black wings grandiose and silver flying in sync with each other . It was spring time and that made Hanahme confused , however , nothing was more surprising than the beauty and delicacy of those little beings .
   But what seems beautiful and harmless in the beginning, when viewed closely, can pose a great danger and terror . As silver approached butterflies , they scraped the skin smooth and clear Hanahme and thronged around her , preventing oxygen to enter into her lungs , leaving the heavy head and weak knees . She tried to scream , but his vocal cords did not work and the noise they made ​​was deafening insects . The girl looked around and saw that the harmless butterflies turned into bats , which left more apavorda and a lump in the throat , blocking the passage of the little air that came into the lungs . Her oxygen supply was in order , her lungs burned and her head was spinning , until darkness engulfed her vision a bit after she saw a tall shadow walking towards her with outstretched arms , ready to catch her .