Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

☽ XI. ċℓαiяє ωσσđℓαɳđ

  The room was dark and Hanahme took to find a switch , however, when the light would light several candles were lit mysteriously and diamond chandelier lit the place even more , giving her a better view of the environment .
  It was an enormous library , with shelves that stretched to the ceiling completely taken books and encyclopedias with dark cloaks and made of leather. Archives took the other side of the wall to the east along with a varnished wooden table and six chairs .
   Hanahme not resist the urge and started exploring all the shelves , but before he could touch a book , a raven scratching the girl's hand with claws and makes a shrill and deafening and only stopped when a figure covered by a brown robe approached and reached out with a brown leather strap so that the bird landed .
- Who are you ? - A voice rang clearly feminine person .
- I am Hanahme White.
   The person pulled the hood of her head, revealing blond hair cut short and with modern, bright green eyes and a series of brown marks on the left side of the face and in the middle of the forehead and Hanahme saw that the woman should not have more than twenty years. However , what else was left fascinated she remembered that woman from somewhere , but could not tell where.
- What is it? Missed something here ?
- No, I just ...
- I know , saw that here is a door painted white and was curious .
   Hanahme nodded and waited for the other girl say something . She turned and said over his shoulder :
- You can stay if you want. If you need if anything call me . My name is Claire Woodland .
   Claire disappeared and left Hanahme look books comfortably , but the crow flew over the place from time to time , stopping near Hanahme and squawking , as if talking to her.

   Lucifer came from the throne and headed toward the bedroom Hanahme but not found there, only saw Jake , who was passing .
- Where is she ?
- I do not know . You gave her the freedom to go where you want , now look .
   The emperor rolled her eyes behind the mask and headed down the hall and entered one of the rooms .
- Glad you're doing something useful , Hanahme .
   The girl looked up and nodded quickly , eager to resume play . Claire appeared silently , placing themselves at the disposal of the emperor , who denied any favor from her and left, since we already knew where the girl was .
- Do not say anything that might compromise my plans , understand? She is not ready to know the truth .
    The guardian nodded and resumed his duties , but stopped when she saw the book which was with  Hanahme .