Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

IX. τнє єssєทcє σƒ τнє ทigнτ

  The trees were tall and broad trunks , blocking any ray of light and leaving everything dark and cold úmdo . I was shivering with cold and fear , but decided to move forward ; had gotten here and imagine the pain felt Koichi motivated me to find it anyway . I followed his way through the dark vegetation . It was hard to breathe and my wings were dirty and sticky , preventing any attempt of my fly.
  Later , a new landscape appeared : a field covered with sharp spines and hostile , which seemed to create life before any invader. Still continued advancing , feeling my skin be shredded and blood running down my body. Tears stung my eyes as I was there alone and admit I was very scared . I just wanted someone to take care of me at that time and that person was my brother Koichi . He would know what to do , would take care of my wounds , dry my tears , and above all, it would make me smile . So I moved forward and let the thorns hurt me and faced the cold and the fear I felt and tried to stop me and make me flinch.

  I was walking for hours without having the slightest idea where I might be . There was no sign of Koichi around and thought Blake would have lied to me . My vision was distorted and weak , my stomach emitted a sound scary and my legs would not obey me anymore. The wings were heavy , as if they were made ​​of lead . My knees buckled and my body involuntarily fell to the ground moist and cold forest .

   I woke up startled and looked around . The thorns were pointed at me like spears and my body was all scratched , bruised and with deep cuts that have trickled blood. Was a little better and got up , rubbing my arms to try to get warm . When he had walked a few feet from the thorns , I saw a band of light not far from where I was and gather strength to go there . I ran as fast as he could to chase away a portion of my fears with that pure white light .
  When I got to where I was that light , I saw that there was a silhouette on the edge of the cliff with his face hidden in his hands . The breathing seemed irregular and I heard some sobs coming from that person. Ventured a step forward and the person did not realize . I walked without fear and knelt near the shade and saw a familiar face clearly and not heistei in touch those gentle hands . Koichi took his hands from his face and looked at me . For a moment , I saw surprise , happiness , sadness and concern in his eyes .
- What are you doing here , my love ? - He cradled me in his arms again and began to heal my wounds with his special power .
- I wanted to see you and I want to explain what you saw . I betrayed your trust and forgot everything you did for me . Sorry , Koichi . You're too important to me and I could not stay home knowing that you would be suffering with what happened . Nathaniel and I have absolutely nothing together, he was just in my house to study , that's all .
- For me it's enough, do not want to hear . - Koichi touched his face gently on my lips and blew him into mine. He tightened the hug around me and suddenly cold and fear were reduced to ashes within me . All I really need is there , right then hugging me and forgiving me . - After all , you're still my little sister and I love you beyond that.
- I missed you .
- Me too. Now I'll take you back home . I believe your father will want a very convincing explanation for this. - He touched my face and wings, which were covered in dirt all the way - I suppose you're unable to fly.
  Koichi nodded and hugged me , opening their wings and flying about that huge cliff . I felt my stomach rebelling again and my brother laughed discreet .
- Looks like we'll have to make a stop . Human or vampire?
- I think human .
- Great . First, I'll take you to my house and you'll take a shower , then I'll make you something to eat and finally you will come home .
  At that moment , my phone rang. I was impressed by the fact that there was no sign in a place so far from town.
- Father ?
- Shizukka , his brother told me you're Koichi . Can pass the phone to him?
- Yes , just a minute .
  Koichi took the phone from my hand and opened his mouth to start talking , but soon stopped and nodded a few times. I saw a smile on his face being sketched lightly before he said that my father could trust him , everything would be okay and hang up the phone .
- Good news : you're going to stay home today .
- Why?
- Your father said he will have to travel to another city because of work and how Blake was out of town and said that you were with me , Takashiro told me to take care of you .
- So we have a change of plans ?
- Yes

  I felt my face redden slightly. Never thought about the idea of ​​staying in the house of Koichi , much less spend the night there. He was rarely at home and I did not imagine myself alone with him in a big place like that white castle .