Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

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  Blake wa in Shikoku to stay isolated from the world expected of him . He wanted to think about what he was doing , the decisions they had made and felt the weight of Erick Kawazaki look about it . He should really separate Koichi forever Shizukka ? This was not a fair thing , especially taking into account the outcome of all this . Lies and more lies , this was the life of Blake Kawazaki .
  The wind was blowing in her hair black vampire , who was sitting on top of a very high tree looking at the dark sky and bright with endless silver stars . He wanted to forget everything and be able to start again but it was too late . The die was cast , and if he did not act quickly, the army of the heart of darkness will come into play and everything would fall .

  He held the bottle of poison between the index and middle finger of the right hand . The liquid violet color was all he needed to end it all . A drop and everything would have an end , but there was something that prevented him from giving this checkmate : brotherly love . It was the single most concrete barriers . Kill and betray the brothers was not a simple thing to do. Blake could be a cold , but not all of it as uncle . As much as he had lost the chance to govern, not all was indeed lost. He had some family with him and that would be enough , if not for the natural seat of power that dwelt in the boy's heart .
  The plans were put in place , but nothing could separate Koichi and the girl so far. The last letter could not be released yet, but the situation demanded an emergency measure . Since not even play the kid's eyes out clear enough, so soon he would have entar into action and choose to fight or fail.

  The bond between brothers was about to be broken and the outcome of this story is closer than you think . Now everything will boil down to kill or die , fight or lose.