Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, September 27, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 13 ❅

  When Lauren left the cabin with training clothes and with her ​​hair tied in a tight ponytail , she saw that Arianne and the other two teachers were waiting for her . The teachers looked at each other and the master of fire arms lengthened .
- If I may , I intend to start . - Said the master of the earth , a man of middle age with brown hair , green eyes and clothing cinitilantes moss green that matched her eyes .
- Go ahead - Arianne replied - I plan to leave the best for last .
  Lauren walked over to stand a few feet of Robert . They stared for a moment and the master has disappeared from sight of the girl, reappearing only after you shoot it with a creeping fast .
- Do not wait for enemy movement . Attack the target as if it were their own worst faults you plan to destroy. Well , let's start again , but you will pay me two hundred pushups with two of those rocks in your back .
  The girl felt her knees go weak at the sight of the two stones that she would have to endure for long and two hundred pushups . Arianne rocks tied with a rope made ​​from dried roots árovres back the girl and pulled the lace until she felt difficulty breathing . Lauren reached down and began to realize exercícos , being supervised by three teachers who were talking in a foreign language she did not recognize .

❅ ❅ ❅

 - 198, 199, 200 . I'm impressed that you have resisted so far , but let's see what you can really do , little girl. Get up !
  Lauren was exhausted and the muscles of her arms ached , but still she stood unsteadily apoaindo on the porch , trying to support his weight. Robert gave him a spear made ​​with twisted branches and at length worked, but they were pretty heavy .
  The master of the Earth attacked her, who had his face scratched by the sharp tip of the spear of man . Lauren tried to attack and dodge at the same time, but he was extremely fast and was a factor that she did not have - the power to control plants and all that was land .
  Lauren dropped out countless times effortlessly through the branches of trees that bound her ankles .
- I can not ! It is not fair .
- It's just not fair because you do not believe you can do the same as me.
- How so ? I can ?
- If you want , yes .
  She stood up and took a deep breath . Took his spear in hand again and looked at the environment around you closely and she saw things before and did not realize that would facilitate her victory .
  Robert was not compassionate and do not let the girl think straight because he attacked without tiring and never stop until you shoot it . The girl entered the woods, but the tree branches trying to hold her wrists and ankles until she saw the location of the master and saw a tree with a branch near him and imagined the tree holding his wrists .
  As if reading the mind of the girl , the árovre did exactly what she wanted and disarmed the master with ease . So she was not only able to control fire , but also the other elements .

❅ ❅ ❅

   Dennis was not extremely cruel to the girl . The basic domains of air had no secrets , yet Lauren felt an immense difficulty to control the force of winds and lead them according to his will , as the temperature and humidity set them .
- Oh, come on ! A breeze like that may not be able to take you down !
  Lauren was going through a serious difficulty in maintaining standing balancing a porcelain vase on the head on one foot with a mighty wind trying to tear it down , what happened a few times. The wind was violent and cold, it was aa girl does not feel his arms and feel his bones freeze .
- It would be easier if the wind disappeared .
  Dennis smiled when the wind disappeared completely . It was not by his will , but the sincerity and strength of the desire of the girl , who returned to establish their balance until the necessary time.
- My sincere congratulations , girl . I wish you luck with your next workout .

❅ ❅ ❅

  The next and last session was with Arianne . Lauren took a few minutes to compose himself before the nightmare .
  Arianne was stretching the muscles and when he saw the approaching girl, launched a circle of fire around the girl , making her feel suffocated and unable to get around. Thick smoke choked the girl and the other teachers thought about interfirir , but the master forbade fire with a hand gesture .
- If she wants to survive, she will have to go out there alone .
  Lauren cowered , fearing being hurt by the flames that were even taller than she , however , the more she retreated , but the flames became aggressive and ravenous , burning some points of her arms and face . She thought of the previous training and used a type of wind to make way between the fire , which disappeared after she escaped . Arianne continued with a hostile expression , but Dennis smiled proudly .
- Let's see how you do against it . - Arianne made ​​a cut along the right forearm Lauren with a long sword whose blade was red and with a temperature unbearably high .
  The girl was now more agile, however, when higher training , you feel weaker . The forces of the Earth and even the Air could not help her against the master , who was advancing on her fiercely , as if he had intended to kill her at that moment .
 As the master attacked with his special powers , Lauren tried to awaken the power of fire that was inside, but it was useless . As much as she tried, nothing indicated that she could wield the power of fire .
 Arianne kept attacking relentlessly , making the girl fall and suffer serious bruises , and severe muscle strain . Lauren was tired , in pain and feeling humiliated and defeated enough for a lifetime . She cried silently so that the teacher did not notice and thought about running away from there and stay in the house of Gray as if nothing ever happened and Elisabeth was not a threat . But she remembered Dylan prisoner of the Ice Queen , the friend Bethany and her mother who were in danger , her parents and Price. She remembered the world and motivated to continue .
  Something was growing inside of Lauren Gray and making her body burn inside with intensity. A red light glowed orange directly from the heart of the girl and she saw a two-bladed sword made ​​of gold before her. She drew his gun and fought Arianne as equals . The noise of the blades inhibited the silence of the forest and attacked as if they were enemies.
  Dennis entou in the fight , followed by Robert , forcing the girl fight against all three at once . It was a chore , however it does not desitiu in no time . Lauren battled all the forces uniting all elements at once , creating a light so bright it was almost blinding and knocked the three masters .