Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

❅ gσ αωαy ƒяσм тнє sησω αη∂ ıcє ... gσ αωαy ƒяσм мє ❅

  It all started on a winter in northern Canada . Two young fifteen years attending the first year of high school . The boy 's name was Dylan Price. He was one of more students applied for the whole school and by far the most adored by girls . Blue eyes , black hair slightly disheveled, a gentle smile and impeccable posture stood out anywhere.
  But there was someone who saw the qualities of Dylan as well as all who knew him . It was a girl with long brown hair , eyes the color of almonds, thick lashes and pink lips . If called Lauren Gray .
  Young people were childhood friends and signs of union by fate . They were born in the same year , on the same day in the same month and at the same time but in different places . He was born in London and she was a native of Whistler , a place where Dylan moved to three years old . Were neighbors for over ten years , always studied in the same school since nowadays and like any friendship, they had their ups and downs .
❅ ❅ ❅
  But it does not matter , what matters is their sixteenth birthday , that was the day that it snowed more during that time . The Gray and Price celebrated together over a year of their life and hoping to not end this friendship .
  While parents celebrated , Dylan and Lauren escaped to the backyard of the house at the bottom of Price. Made a short snowball fight and then the boy, who was hiding something in his jacket , stood before Lauren and handed her a jewelry box . Overjoyed , the girl opened the box , revealing a ring of crystals that were shaped like snowflakes .
- Lauren , you would ...
- Yes ! That's all I want!
  If they knew what was hidden in the future , everything would be different and this day would have never happened . But one can not delay urgent nor predict what is not expected . And a kiss inoceente amid the snow made ​​everything change .
  Thunder rumbled over the heads of teens and the snow had become stronger and thicker , making it impossible to stay there. The temperature fell further , making Lauren tremble. Dylan , noticing the cold of his beloved , he gave up his coat and put it on her. The girl tried to pull him in, but it was useless . The boy did not move and the only thing he did was pull her to him , hugging her tenderly and whispered with sadness and pain in the ear of Lauren .
- Go inside and promise you will not come back here . Never again . I. .. Well .. Go away snow and ice ... Go away from me and I do not look . I'm sorry for making you suffer, if I did, I swear that everything would have been different . I love you very much .
- Dylan ...
  He was no longer there . There were no footprints in the snow and no sign that he was there. There was nothing except for a shining object from the snow . It was a chain with two snowflakes are alike . Were transparent , but with blue accents . She cried , kneeling in the snow . Dylan off suddenly without saying anything and without saying goodbye . What happened to him ? Where would he go? And he told her to stay away from the snow and ice ?
  The last question had a quick answer . As she rose from the ground , the snow that touched her skin leaving painful sores and deep , as if they were eating away at her skin . Even the pain that caused her the ice was still less than the pain she felt about losing Dylan Price, your friend and your love.