Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 12 ❅

  After leaving the hospital, Lauren was taken back to the Dream River Park , where Dylan said that a person could help her to awaken the powers of fire and heat so that Elisabeth has a definite end .

❅ ❅ ❅

   They walked until they reached the heart of the forest . In the beginning , there was nothing but darkness and various trees , but after that his vision is able to adapt , you can see a small hut and a person sitting on the porch , playing with fire sparks between the fingers so bored .
- Dylan Price, what brings you here ?
- I need to train my girlfriend , Lauren Gray .
  The girl who was on the balcony looked at them and then stared at Lauren for a long moment . She narrowed her eyes and then showed a surprised expression .
- It will not happen . Get out of here .
- What? We came here to hear a no? Who do you think you are?
- I'm Arianne Bentley , master of his ancestor . And I will train you , even if it is an emergency .
- Why not? Oh, I know ! You turned over a puppy Elisabeth , is not it?
  Arianne walked toward the girl and slapped her in the face , causing Lauren clash against the trunk of a tree hard.
- Put yourself in their place , girl . This is one of the reasons I do not waste my time with you . The arrogance dominates you and you think you can have everything you want . You think that all are at your disposal and you just snap your fingers that all appear to serve you . You are wrong. Your place should be with Elisabeth and not the family that descended from the great ruler of fire and heat.
  Dylan decided interfirir because that conversation would not end well .
- Please Arianne . If not for her , it is for all that exists . You know you just can face Lauren Elisabeth , but only if she is coached by you .
  Arianne snorted and looked at Lauren gesture of disapproval clearly apparent . She sat back down on the balcony , but this time was a book cover made ​​of black leather in his hands. The object floated in the air and passing wind changed pages in the book so he could read Arianne . Lauren was getting impatient , but Dylan held with a slight twinge of hope .
- So be it . - She said at last - but be aware that it will be a rigorous workout and not be just me who will train her . Dennis , former master of the air and the master of the land , Robert . We must begin today , time is against us from now on . - Staring Dylan - But she must be trained alone , without a hearing of acquaintances that may hinder the performance of it , it certainly will not be very good.
  Dylan nodded slowly and departed , leaving Lauren to the care of master of fire , which threw some clothes for her and told her to change inside the cabin .