Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 15 ❅

  Dylan returned that afternoon to pick her up . The girl, who should be happy for the return of the boy , could not hide the impact of sadness that caused her Hailey .
- Let's go home .
- How so ? And Elisabeth ?
  He looked at her with tenderness and compassion and tucked a strand of her hair back.
- As I continue being a vassal of it , nothing bad will happen . It was a mistake to have involved you in this.
- No! You will not stand being tortured ! This is inhumane !
- If it is to keep you safe, then I would die for you .
   Tears began to sting the eyes of Lauren . If Hailey thought she was selfish , imagine what she would think about the conduct of Dylan at the time. Everything was wrong , the boy knew she was not that masochistic and selfish as she was before her.
- Lauren !
  She ran through the forest. Lauren was tired , cold and sleepy , but she could not stand the fact of being under lock and key for everything that happened in the world . Was granted the fact that Dylan did not want anything to happen to her , but after all the training and everything she found , leave it out of the situation would be unforgivable .
  Lauren felt guilty for leaving like that and to have quarreled with him again , but then she was determined to fight and face the fear and nothing could make her change her mind . Moreover , the whole world depended on this act , and if she did not act fast, all would be lost .
  She had to do something , even if it meant going to the reign of Elisabeth and die alone .

❅ ❅ ❅

   Dylan followed the trail of the girl until halfway , which was where her footprints disappeared and there was no sign of her energy anywhere. Of course , when discussing her mysteriously disappeared , however , when they were children it was easier to find it .
  He closed his eyes and felt the wind passing through it . There was something different. No, it was Lauren , but a person with power hostile and peaceful at the same time.
- You will not reach it .
- Who's there ? Appear!
  Hailey appeared grimly and with the bow ready , pointed at the boy's chest .
- Die , son of Elisabeth .
  Dylan jumped over the trees and undergrowth gave a master in the water . He froze the forest with his wife and followed soon he could toward the northwest. Dylan did not know if that was the right direction , but time was against him . If it takes to find Lauren , she would surely die in the plains of the kingdom of Elisabeth .