Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 8 - łαυяєη gяαy ❅

  The main street was empty , except for the Jeep I was driving and the Tahoe that was following me at high speed. By mirrors , I saw that Bryan was in the car behind , but he looked different and a sinister smile took care of his features . Stepped on the accelerator of the car , but he kept chasing me .
  After trying many miles away taking detours, shortcuts and walking in the opposite direction in some deserted streets , I saw that the Tahoe had mysteriously disappeared . Slowed down , thinking that everything was the work of my imagination .
  But I soon realized that it was not my imagination . When I looked forward , saw clearly that Bryan was practically throwing him Tahoe over the Jeep as happened between me and that white convertible Elisabeth .
  The Jeep spun and I lost control . I was without a seat belt and hit my head against the glass front of the car , causing some shards of glass stay on my face , along with a large amount of blood I was losing . Then, the Jeep stopped in the middle of the track traversed and Bryan had disappeared. I tried to put the car in the right direction and continue the path but a colossal truck coming full steam towards me and hit the passenger side hard and the car flipped several times . Bethany surely would have a fit if he knew what happened to her car , but this was not the time for me to worry about it . The door was locked and I could not escape again . My head slammed into the front glass and the darkness took over my vision.

❅ ❅ ❅

     I woke up feeling something weighing on my body and in terrible pain in my head and my whole body . Somehow , someone was carrying me on his lap and putting myself lying somewhere. Once I regained consciousness in fact , I saw a jacket that was on top of me and the world seemed to be moving. I tried to sit up, but felt dizzy and went back to enormous lie . I could smell the eucalyptus and leather again and saw that I was in a car , in the backseat .
- We are coming to the hospital , dear , stay down until we get there , okay ?
- Dylan ... What happened ? And my parents ? I have to see if they are okay .
- Yes , they are right , my love , do not worry . I did not know that Elisabeth had sent Bryan Whinterland to disrupt your path and cause this accident and so I came first in his parents' home . I walked quietly and saw that everything was in place and his parents were sleeping peacefully .
  I was silent and let out a low moan . Dylan looked at me in the rearview mirror with blue eyes filled with concern . He released one hand from the steering wheel and held my get up in the hospital . A nurse took my car and put me on a stretcher while my friend gave my input there.
  I was taken for a suture room , where a nurse with gray hair and scowl was waiting to give me points on my forehead , on my right arm and my chin . Then I was allowed to shower and call a doctor Holly said my arm was left with multiple fractures and I should stay there for a week .
- Can I come in ?
- Yes
   Dylan was worried about me and he was calmer after seeing my situation . He sat in a chair that was next to my bed and stroked my hair .
- I'm sorry . This was all my fault .
- I do not want you to beat yourself up , my angel . - Dylan looked at me tenderly and kissed my hand - You do not know anything about it and I walked away without telling you anything. The fact is my fault too. I who should an apology .
- You did it for me . You left all your dreams for me . This is not fair .
  He kissed my elbow , my shoulder , my neck until my lips . Dylan returned to being kind and considerate as before , but deep down I knew that Elisabeth was still alive . So we parted , our faces were still close.
- Not true princess . I still have a dream I want to accomplish : to have complete confidence in you by my side.
  Could not help but sigh . He opened and realized that crooked smile that I love so much .
- You need to rest , my love . Try to forget what happened and let sleep take care of you . I'll be here all night .
  When would start sleeping , tiredness disappeared and a wave of concern filled me .
- And Bethany ? She and her mother will be worried , not to mention my parents ! Also, I think I'll get grounded the rest of my life and Beth will not speak to me because of what I did in her car.
- Hey , calm down , dear . Everything is under control . Her car is back intact and his record says you are here because you fell skiing , ok ? - He winked at me .
 I nodded, a little more quiet . I closed my eyes and sleep soon arrived . Even still it is not the time , I felt safe and happy , as if none of this had happened . Dylan was there with me and that was important.