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Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 11 ❅

It was six o'clock in the morning and Lauren had not yet agreed . The Dylan song worked well with her last night . The girl was immersed in pleasant dreams which she did not want to wake up , but eventually wake up when he heard a soft knock on the door .
- You can enter.
  A newly hired nurse came in with a tray of breakfast for her. The woman was not over 25 years and wore the white uniform so neatly aligned with the long hair and curly stuck in a bun complex that certainly does not collapse even if she ran a marathon in full swing . Unlike other nurses , that was exceptionally friendly and caring .
- Hello and good day , Miss Gray . - She had a slight accent in her voice .
- Good day ... ?
- My name is Milenne . I'm new here .
- It is a pleasure to meet you , Milenne . At least you're friendly , unlike the rest of the people in this hospital.
  Milenne smiled shyly and left the tray with breakfast for Lauren on the bed . When she aproximoou , the girl could smell the lavender coming from skinned nurse .
- I know this is not my business , but ... Where is that boy who gave his admission to the hospital yesterday?
  Lauren looked at the cup of hot chocolate intently without saying anything at all . However , the sharp eyes of Milenne were able to realize that she was about to cry.
- I see ... Can I tell you something ? He returns .
- Did you?
- Sure . I attended when he did his paperwork and realized how worried he was with you. He loves you, and believe whatever the misunderstanding , he will return . If he could not stay more than ten minutes away from you , I'm sure he will not stand to be long absent .
- But what if he left because I told him to go ?
  Milenne handed the phone to her amicably .
- Call him and ask him to come back . Well , I'll let you take your coffee in peace , I have several things to do yet. When done just hit the bell and I come back to take the tray , ok ?
- Thanks, Milenne .
  The nurse left and Lauren left facing a plate of eggs with a large slice of bacon, which mimicked a smile . The girl could not eat anything , much less something as he smiled amiably at her in a moment of grief she was experiencing . She looked at the phone that was on the bedside table and thought the chance to ask for it back . Lauren wanted to forget everything and have his company again, but call and ask for him to return after all she said was something cynical and disingenuous on her part . In addition , Dylan did not deserve to be a prisoner of it and being confined inside a hospital room .
  The girl was lying , staring at the tray of breakfast that was on her still hot and ready to be eaten , but there was something wrong there. For the first time , she noticed that there was portion for two people . Certainly Milenne thought Dylan would be there to share the meal with her.

❅ ❅ ❅

   Dylan was still inside the car , but he was not driving . I was taking a short nap when his cell phone rang again . Annoyed , the boy saw that it was the tenth time that Elisabeth was calling him and sternly rejected the call . The proportion of links of the queen was five minutes nap connection .
  His cell phone rang again , and when the boy was about to toss it out the window , he saw that there was Elisabeth .
- Good morning .
- Sorry I woke you , Dylan ?
- Actually I do not even slept yet. Something wrong ?
- You could go back ?
  He rubbed his eyes and gave a slight pinch. Lauren was really asking for it back ?
- Are you sure ? What happened to the old Gray who never returned after what he said ? Who are you and what have you done with Lauren ?
  The girl laughed for a moment and then pulled himself together . What did Dylan smile too .
- I'll be there in a minute .

❅ ❅ ❅

   He entered the room with immense joy and euphoria combined with an insistent symphony of his stomach begging for food. Dylan came in and stared at the girl for a moment .
- What is it?
- Why are you staring at the food with that face ? I 'm starving here and you with double portions ? How much injustice in this world ! - He grimaced dramatically that made ​​Lauren smile.
- If you want to join me , I'd be happy .
  Dylan sat on her bed in a flash , but before attacking his portion , he seguou the spoon that was in the girl's hand and took a lot of eggs.
- Open your mouth ...
- You will not do that , will you?
- Of course I will , with a bruised arm you will not be able to eat alone . Moreover , it is the least I can do for you fool .
  They had coffee simultaneously, but the girl did Dylan Lauren eat and put the meal in his mouth with his good arm .
  When it finally ended , Lauren rang the bell to call Milenne , which came seconds later and was surprised when he saw the boy in the room. Just an exchange of glances made the nurse understand that  Lauren followed her advice and took the tray nicely .
  Dylan looked at his watch . It was seven- thirty in the morning . He yawned for a long time and lay down next to Lauren in the bed room .
- Companions can not sleep in the beds of patients , remember?
- I do not care . I was away from you for more than enough time for all my life . Besides, I miss being near you .
  He pulled the girl's head on his shoulder and brought his face to hers before succumbing to fatigue that dominated completely .