Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

XV. τнє ρricє σƒ α ℓiƒє

  I walked the halls of the most subtle way possible, but I found my uncle anywhere . Blake had also mysteriously disappeared without a trace. The guards were everywhere and I could not move or even flinch. I thought of risking a step , but someone grabbed my arm and dragged me down the hall .
- I asked you to stand at the entrance . - Zane was a little angry.
- I know, but I could not miss the opportunity to get back at Erick .
- I understand your position , but you can not muck around .
- I have an idea , but I would appreciate your collaboration. - I told him all my plan and he agreed , still suspicious of the effectiveness.
  Zane gave me some clothes he got upstairs and took me to a room that was sealed with a golden padlock brand new so I swapped . When I finished , I was completely different . The long red dress was perfectly mixed gray in my size and when I looked in the mirror I had to force myself to stifle a scream . My hair was not as before . Was black with scarlet tendrils , my eyes were green as emeralds and my face was thinner . Chemei by Zane and I realized that my voice had also changed .
- Wow , you're just like the queen Luka .
- Who was she ?
- The mother and sister of William Blake Kawazaki .
- So she was my aunt ?
- Yes Marriage between siblings are not prohibited .
- And how exactly will this help ?
- Luka is dead for twenty- seven years and was exactly Erick who killed her . If you are now like she means that her soul wants to help you . Take advantage of this chance .

  I crossed the main hall without hiding and I could see that the other soldiers looked at me with eyes wide with fear and surprise. Many froze and did some reverence. Zane was on my side , following me to where Erick was hidden . We went through the whole castle and arrived and another mansion, where there was a light on.
  We climbed the staircase that ended in front of a room that had the door open . Erick was there , I could feel and went alone . Upon hearing my footsteps , he turned to face me and rose quickly from his chair when he saw my face . He went pale and immediately pulled away to beat back the white wall .
- You can not be alive . No. That can only be a hallucination .
- There is a hallucination , Erick . - My voice was still different and it did shake Erick - I 'm here , despite his efforts to try to eliminate me .
- What ... you want?
- I want to release Blake and I want you to abandon the throne immediately.
- I never do that. I do not care if you are the real Luka , I'll never give up on something that I fought to win .
- Fought ? You tried to kill me , you kill William and Queen of the archangels at once and still want to get rid of Sakiko and Blake wants to control . How can you have the arrogance to say that grief for it? You are not worthy of the surname of Kawazaki .
  He was approaching slowly and touched my arm with a trembling hand . Realizing that I was really there and the perfect image of Luka , he left the room and returned minutes later with Blake chained by the neck and dragged along the ground by being unconscious.
- Take your precious boy . - He said , harshly . - But I will never leave this world government .
- Blake ! Blake ! Wake up, please.
  Blake struggled to open his eyes and when he saw me , jumped back. He looked intently and gave a small smile . He came towards me and hugged me .
- I told you to leave. - He whispered in my ear .
- You know ...
- I know . And I admit that is convincing. You should not have come here .
- I could not leave my brother, even though he teinha betrayed me once.