Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

XII. α нєαrτ iท τнє ∂αrкทєss: нє is ℓσsτ ƒσrєvєr

 I woke up in a dark room , with heavy red velvet curtains blocking the passage of light . In bed had sheets of red silk and a figure was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed . I got up slowly from the bed and my feet found wood floors polished .
  Open the Cortinhas and discovered a frightening landscape : a sky the color of blood and dead trees and gnarled . A black gate was ahead and the ground seemed infertile. It seemed an old cemetery .
- I know what you 're thinking . - A male voice broke the silence and family - but this is the home of our father and his future home soon.
  The shadow came toward me and I saw the outline of the face Blake . His eyes were dull and paler skin . It was not even like my real brother , but I knew it was him .
- Blake , what's happening ? Where is Koichi ?
- What matters ? You are no longer in the beautiful white castle of the archangels . This is the heart of darkness , where the other half of his lineage was born and where you will perish .
  I swallowed hard and unpleasant shiver down my spine . Blake was very different from what it always was and I was getting more and more terrified . My voice faded away and went to meet him until my back ground and the hands of my brother hold my throat .
- You will not escape from here and even Koichi able to cross the border between heart of darkness and the dark surface . Be good and you will not suffer anything for now .
  I nodded, assutada more than I was and got up from the floor . He was still wearing the clothes from my mother , but there was something slightly different : there was a stain on the right forearm blouse and seemed fresh blood . I looked closer and my hand vampire clearly told me that the blood was Koichi . Yes , it really was : the same smell , the same color , the same texture , everything was equal to it.
  Without thinking , I moved on Blake completely overtaken by sadness and anger , tears stung my eyes , but I did not allow myself to cry , not in front of his presence . What he did was something of extreme betrayal and I would never forgive him for that. Think about the fact that he might have hurt Koichi made ​​my stomach churn and the idea that Blake could have killed him left me cold and probably pale .
- Listen to what I have to say . - Blake clenched my fists against the wall , pinning my arms , but tried to get tempted to hit some shots , but he stepped on my feet and tied my legs too - If you promise to listen to my side of the story , I can drop and maybe change your mind about your future .
- Okay , but know that nothing will change what I think of you now .
- Do what you want .

  Soon, I was sitting in bed listening to the version of Blake , who looked hopelessly out the window , lost in his memories .
" It was after Koichi put you in the human world and the death of our father . Everything was in complete chaos , so the world of the archangels as the vampire world and we decided to separate and destroy the covenant that his mother and father had done placing a new barrier between worlds . We were the only heirs able to govern .
  However , when I got here , everything was in complete ruin and destruction . Several of our species were killed and many others injured . This castle was completely collapsed and looked like a scene of a terrible war . Few vampires who escaped unharmed and they told me that this world had been taken over by a conductor without the approval of the public .
  I was furious and went toward the ruins of the castle and found our uncle Erick Kawazaki with the power to rule in hands . We both started a violent struggle and losing both exited and bruises on their bodies " - Blake showed me a black ciatriz left shoulder was going to the forearm - " but then we both entered into an agreement and we agreed that if I still hunted baby and take away his life I would have power over everything. Be calm , still not finished . "
  I was completely shocked and speechless . As Blake would be capable of such a thing ? I knew he was not very generous, but killing someone to get the power was not worthy act of understanding . Blake grabbed me by the shoulders and sat me down again. I obeyed , but without the intention to believe in the next attempts to redeem what he said .
 " Well, after seeing all that, the idea of ruling not appealed to me more and did not fulfill what was agreed. I pulled back and let you grow as an ordinary human . But now , after all this time , this place is returning to the axes and my desire to rule the heart of darkness reappeared , however , there is a problem : you being alive and being the youngest , the next in line of succession after our father you are. might sound crazy , but here things are different and the newest take control , and even if they do not want , are required to govern. Accordingly , so that I am in command , you must leave this for the better. understood where I'm going ? "

  I was understanding exactly what the outcome of this story long before it happened : Blake kill me and turn me to Erick Kawazaki like I was a prize for the government it was , but my uncle did not return the throne and would leave my brother sorry embittered and , above all, with the deepest hatred. I tried to tell him , but it was useless . Blake did not believe me and left , locking the door of my room .