Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 3 ❅

  The headlight of a car that was far been released about the girl who was standing in the middle of the pavement , with his thoughts far from reality. A black Tahoe was approaching on medium speed , however , the car was not so far away and braked sharply , a few inches from the body weak and trembling girl.
- Hey ! Want to get out of the middle of the street , girl ?
  Lauren was startled by the voice of the driver of the car and looked at him . It was probably a boy a year older than her, green eyes and hair the color of honey were slightly curly .
- Excuse me , is that someone hit my car and he ended up capsizing and lost my phone in there , I'm not who to call .
  The boy looked at the flames that have consumed the car and the girl who was there under the lights of the headlights . How could she be alive with as big a mess in the car ? She could never have escaped from there and if she did, she would be in a sorry state . He raised an eyebrow at her .
- How did you get out of there altogether?
- A person saved me while I was unconscious . When I awoke , I was lying three feet from where my car was on fire .
- I know ... And your family know?
  It was Lauren 's turn to raise an eyebrow .
- I think I told you that my phone has this for the better and there is no public phone here . Besides, what good for you to know the details ? Are you by chance a part of the police ?
- No, but if I can help ... You were going in this direction ?
- Yes, I went to the house of mine friend , Bethany Williams .
- Williams ? - He frowned - Personally, I think Bethany Williams unbearable.
- How do you know ?
- Easy . 'm Her neighbor . But I can take you there . But before you think I will need to call your parents , right?
- Thank you.

  The Gray became quiet after speaking with the boy 's Tahoe , which has pledged to take it safely to the house of Williams .
  The interior was warm and comfortable , smelled like new leather . The radio was on playing rock , but the kid down the volume to talk to Lauren , she looked at the window so distracted and unconscious.
- It's okay ... ?
- Lauren . Lauren Gray. Yes , I'm fine .
- Not what it seems to me , Gray . Well , I'm Bryan Whinterland .
- Truth . I'm fine , Bryan . I'm just thinking a bit .
- ' If overthink the answers never appear in full ' . - Lauren looked at him, confused - What? My grandmother always says that. She moved to Boston three years ago .
- You must miss her .
- Yes , but she comes to visit us every year . Well , we arrived.
   Bryan stopped the car in front of a townhouse modern beige and white .
- Thank you.
- Do not thank, Gray .

  Once Lauren rang the bell of Williams , Bethany opened the door , the girl had red hair who were at the neck with a side fringe and she was dressed in a light blue flannel pajamas . And to see her friend , grabbed her wrist and pulled her up the stairs to her room .
- Good! What happened to your car ?
- I do not know , someone was driving a white convertible in the opposite direction and hit my car .
- It was a mess and so . But tell me : how did you get out of there ?
- Dylan saved me .
  Bethany choked breath .
- You must have been dizzy from the smoke . Dylan is ... You know . No way he got saved you from there.
- He's not dead , Beth ! I saw him , I touched him and kissed him .
- Ok , L. I will not argue with you. But changing the subject ... As you could walk up here ?
- Actually its neighbor brought me here .
- Who? Harry Wallace ?
- No! That 's Tahoe Black , Bryan Whinterland .
  The redhead looked at her open-mouthed and then sniffed .
- Whinterland is a boy unbearable. Did the school with him .
- Why do you not understand ? He told me the same thing about you .
- I think we are not as perfect as you and D.

  Soon , a stone was thrown at the window of Bethany . It was Bryan , who was in his bedroom window , which was in front of her.
- What is your problem , Whinterland ?
- Will gives to lower the tone of voice ? I'm trying to sleep here ! Ah , good evening , Lauren .
- Good evening , Bryan .
  The other girl hit the window and showed Lauren the room where she would stay. It was a large guest bedroom with a single bed covered with white sheets and white comforter . The Gray sent another suitcase with clothes immediately when they learned of the accident and she wore her yellow cotton pajamas . The curtains were open , which allowed the moonlight illuminating the room where she was .
  A shadow fell in wardrobes with the silhouette of a girl and a boy who was taller than her, but it had a chain around his neck .

 ' Dylan ... '