Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

XIV. vαмρirєs vs αทgєℓs - α ∂αทgєrσυs вαττℓє

  I ran down the hall as fast as I could, because my wings could not be opened while I was surrounded by energy vampires . The door at the end of the hall was really open , which gave access to one of the gates , but they were locked up and were being watched by guards Erick .
- Hey , come back inside now , girl!
  I ran through the dry trees that were there, trying to find a place to escape . Blake mentu again for me , and I was foolish enough to believe . Koichi was not there and now I was being chased by the guards , who surely have warned that I ran away from the castle and Erick should be even angrier than before . The branches of the trees hurt my face , but I was still running without a clue where I was going . I knew that sooner or later they 'd take me back , but never thought about quitting . I needed to get out of here with or without Koichi because I had promised it to Blake .
  I was almost close to another gate when an arrow hit my left leg . I tried to get her out before the guards overtake me , but I could not and continued to run with the arrow throbbing in my leg .
- No more games , girl !
  Suddenly , I found myself surrounded by archers dressed in gray overcoats with a black mask covering a portion of the face . They had arrows ready to shoot me , but one of them mysteriously falls wounded to the ground . The same happened with the other soldiers .
  I thought it would be the next victim , but soon realized that whoever was approaching was an angel with blond hair slightly curly golden eyes . I pulled away instinctively and he sure noticed my reaction .
- It's okay , I will not hurt you . My name is Zane . We came here to get her out , Ms. Sakiko .
  Even he knew that I was an angel of death. Something tore my chest thinking about it , but then something else came to my mind like lightning .
- Wait a minute. You said ' come ' , right? But I 'm only seeing you here .

  Zane does not have to answer . Soon I saw that there were three archangels with him . The first , of medium height, had black hair and gray eyes .
- I Kei .
  The second was a little taller , carrying a bow in his hands. He had reddish hair that were stuck in a ponytail and with an eye of each color: the left and the right was green was golden .
- My name is Andrew .
 The latter was lower than the others , but with strong features and a few battle scars on his face . He had blue eyes and hair the color of almonds.
- Thomas . Akayashi Thomas .
- Do not forget me , Shizukka . - Another voice appeared , calming my nerves .
  I ran to find the owner of that voice . He was not far away and a few seconds I felt the embrace of my older brother , Koichi . He kissed the top of my head and touched my scratches .
- Sorry for the delay . Blake warned very suddenly . - He pulled the arrow out of my leg and the wound closed alone, without his help . - Come on now, honey .
- No.
- How so ?
- I can not let Blake back and I can not abandon my other half vampire . I have to stay for Erick and destroy the people of this world to be happy again and that our brother might rule .
  Koichi raised an eyebrow .
- I assumed that you would take this decision . Guys, you know what to do .
- It will be a breeze . - Thomas stretched, convinced of victory.
- Hands-on , guys. Let's split up and attack in different positions . - My brother looked at me and shook his head , in order to disprove what he would say. - Sakiko , you go with Zane from inside the castle to take Blake out. We found this place in four hours.

  Followed with Zane behind me back to the castle . I do not know how, but he had become a vampire , but precisely in one of the guards . He handed me a black hood and said that I just walked in the shadows , not to call attention until everyone was asleep . I was not where he said . I went to the top floor to look for Erick Kawazaki . I would not leave here without putting an end to all the monstrosities he did.