Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 6 - łαυяєη gяαy ❅

  I had a nightmare during the night and got up from the bed so that I do not know how to explain . Received a dose of adrenaline and traded my flannel pajamas for black jeans , a T-shirt beige, black boots and a black denim jacket . Cautiously descended the stairs and grabbed the keys to the Jeep Black Bethany , who was out of the garage .
   I drove the road that went to the Dream River Park , which was far from the house of Williams . Shortly before arriving there, parked the Jeep on the shoulder and left the keys in case of contact for a quick getaway . An owl was flying over the place and it made the hairs on my neck stand on end .
  As I progressed, it was colder and more I was afraid, however , I forbade retreat. Was already here do not know for what reason and I would not return without answers . My vision was slow to adapt to the lack of sufficient light , but I kept moving forward , being attracted by a magnetic impluso . I stepped on a twig and that same owl began to watch me on a branch not far from me . I ignored my chills and got a piece that was divided into three directions . I followed the trail left with the feeling that she was being watched and followed closely .
  When I least expected it , someone jumped behind me. I ran as fast as I could , but the steps were getting closer . I started slowing down when I did not hear anyone behind me , however , someone grabbed my right forearm .
- Lauren , wait . Me , Dylan .
- What are you doing here ? Why are you following me ?
- The first question is mine. You should not be sleeping at this hour?
- Yes , but I felt I needed to come here .
- Go away , please. If she sees us together, she will kill you and I do not want it because I will not be able to prevent. Run away as fast as you can.
- Dylan , what's happening ?
- The platinum blonde . She was just an illusion , a test to kill you since the accident did not work for me .
- Then whatever is not happening by chance ?
  Dylan nodded slowly .
- She wants to kill you and prevent this I gave up to be with my normal life . While I am a vassal of it you 're safe , that is, if you stay away from me forever .
  The moonlight illuminated his face and I could see that he had several bruises on his face and a neck chain, which looked more like a dog enforcadeira . I was horrified . Dylan was being tortured by my fault . He lost everything he had to stop some psychopath to kill me . I felt all the hatred get hold of me , mixed with guilt and sadness. I left my beloved there and kept running, passing all that was supernatural in my mind . That woman . I had to find it and put a stop to it and release Dylan . Tears burned in my eyes and trembling took care of my body , but I have not stopped . I heard him calling me and asking me to come back , but not obeyed . If Dylan did not want me to move forward meant that she'd be there.
  The branches seemed sharp spears and tore my clothes and my skin . The place where I had taken the shot was hurting , but it did not matter . Follow the trail of cold air stung my lungs .

❅ ❅ ❅

   It was then that I met her : she was a woman of about 20 years old , with gray hair , big eyes turquoise , dark pink lips dressed in a white robe and blue with clear crystals . In her head, she had a crown made of crystals . The air was even colder than it was .
- So we meet again .
- I nuncate seen before .
- Saw yes , my dear .
  I pulled my memory and saw that she was platinum blonde . That woman was trying to kill me . It was because of her that Dylan was arrested and injured. She was torturing him and I would pay for it .
- Then remembered ? What good thing . - She smiled poisonous - I want to propose a trade .
  Took a step back .
- I have nothing to negotiate with you. Dylan just want free .
- It is the focus of my proposal . Give your life useless to me and I will not hurt any hair on his head again. See this? - She raised a thick chain in her left hand - is what holds me Dylan Price .
- Release it , your damn !
  Did not expect any reaction . I stepped on it and made a scratch on the pale skin that witch . I realized she glared at me and made a sharp ice spear , pointing it towards my throat.
- I will not be merciful to you , Lauren Gray . Since you always been an obstacle in my achievements and I'll remove here and now . Die .
  Lance approached in a ferocious speed . I closed my eyes , trying to drown out the pain to come, but I heard the noise of breaking throws and saw that Dylan was a fragment of the spear in his hand , which was injured .
- You will not touch it , Elisabeth .
- You can not stop me . - She used a whip ice to injure his face - Vassal useless. I told you not to try to communicate with her again , did not I? Now both of you will suffer .
- Dylan !
  He took my face in his cold hands and kissed me . Unlike what happened last time , I was not hurt. Dylan had taken effect on me and I would not have to fear the snow and cold again.
- Go away and do not look back . I will kill Elisabeth because she hurt you .
- But she did not ...
- The shot . I will never forgive you for doing that . Our contract was clear and she said it would not hurt while I was the vassal of it . Are you hurt because of the trees . Go home , not for Bethany . His parents are in danger . Help them .
- What about you ?
- I'll meet you later. Now go .
- Enough talk ! - Elisabeth was in the form of platinum blonde again, with ice spear in hand pointed at us.
  Dylan was on his feet again and put me behind him. Before I did anything , he pushed me and whispered for me to run as fast as possible . Without options , I obeyed and ran for where I had been , but a shadow was chasing me . Bethany found the Jeep as I had left and went to my parents' house .