Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 4 - łαυяєη gяαy ❅

  Wake up the next day exhausted. Even with a full night's sleep, I could not stop thinking about Dylan and the person who hit my car . Somehow , there was no photo of the convertible at any news . One question that still bothers me is how he knew I was there . Is he who was in the white convertible and did that on purpose ?
  I took the breakfast even without any hunger because the mother Bethany had been engaged in the kitchen and it would be unethical to reject. Mary went to work and Beth went to school . I was alone in the house of Williams and had absolutely nothing to do. Take a walk around the block ? No. I decided to stay at home even , since my sedan was destroyed I had no where to go . I took a quick shower and changed clothes , but I was in the library of the house , trying to distract myself with a book that interested me . I found nothing .
  I was wandering through the rooms of the house like a ghost when I hear the doorbell ring . I looked out the window and saw that it was Bryan . I went downstairs and opened the door .
- Hello , Gray . - He was smiling . - Are you busy ?
- No. On the contrary , I am almost dying of boredom .
- Cool, then you accept to go with me to the ski resort ?
- Okay .
  I left a note on the kitchen table and put on a beige jacket . Bryan followed up the Tahoe and when we arrived at the ski resort, it was empty . I had trauma to ski because when Dylan and I were kids , he pushed me down the mountain and I left the course. Hit a tree trunk and broke his left arm . After that day I never skied . Bryan and I realized I was watching the maneuvers he did , when I heard someone call me within the trees . No one was there I entered and I , feeling the trunk of the tree, fearing falling or tripping .
  A figure passed me and stopped in front of me . It was a girl who was with the platinum hair stuck in a ponytail with a gun in his hand , pointing at me . She had caramel-colored eyes that conveyed contempt and hatred for me . The air grew colder and my legs were shaking . I ran next to an exit , but she threw in my right calf . I kept running , calling for Bryan , but he did not answer . I started to panic even more to think that would be killed by that girl I had ever seen. She fired again , but caught in a tree .
  I could hear her footsteps behind me, which soon also became a race . Plating tried it , but she always found me . My leg no longer obeyed me more and I could see a thick trail of blood behind me. Could not run anymore and I was wading further into the forest . My cell phone was destroyed and no one could hear me scream.
- No more jokes , Lauren Gray . Die .
  The weapon shone pointed at my chest . The girl shot , but I saw that someone shot deflected upward. Bryan was . The platinum blonde growled and desaapareceu into the forest .
- Hey , what did I miss ?
- I heard someone calling me and I wanted to see who was ...
- And then you shot in the leg?
  I nodded, sitting on the floor , feeling my hands being eroded by snow. Bryan helped me up and took me to a hospital for the removal of ammunition. A police officer made ​​a case and said that the girl would be arrested soon, so I do not worry.

❅ ❅ ❅

  I arrived at Williams ' house in the late afternoon . Bethany and her mother were worried about me and were amazed when they saw my leg bandaged and Bryan explained what happened and apologized for not taking care of me .
- Are you crazy ? Get in the middle of a place like that alone ? You could be dead at this hour !
- I know . I'm sorry .
- Well , your parents will have a fit when they hear it.
- They do not need to know that , right?
- You owe me one , Gray . - Bethany blinked , pretending I was talking to my parents by phone.
  The dinner was ready and I had some difficulty . The effect of the painkillers were starting to fade and a twinge of pain was starting to apareecer . I changed the bandages and I went to bed , but I saw that there was a box on the bed .
- His parents sent him to you - Mrs Williams talked the floor below - is a new phone .
  It was a beautiful machine , even better than what I had before . I put it on the table and lay down to sleep . I was thinking of that voice and the voice of the girl platinum before succumbing to sleep. They were somehow similar , but I just took that thought out of my mind . Had he not saved me , I would not be here now .