Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

VIII. rυท αωαy ƒσr τнє ℓσทєℓiทєss

  I still had some problems with my wings , but it did not matter . My top priority was my brother and nothing else . Was completely lost and not knowing which way to go , because Koichi Poderi be anywhere now . I looked around , waiting for some sign or trace of him , but found nothing . I sat on a cloud to think better and try to know the coordinates of the place where he had gone .
  Then an idea hit me like a stone : if I were an angel hurt I would go home and my house would be ... Equal to that castle I painted ! That's it! Koichi should be there . Part of the problem was solved , but now came another even bigger problem : how to find that White Castle ? I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the location of the place in my mind , creating an intuitive map .

  Followed that imaginary map , feeling cold , fatigue and fear. As children I climbed , the more terrifying it was . There were other archangels there and looked at me solsaio perhaps they knew I was not at all an archangel like them. I looked at all sides , and no distress signal that castle . Thought I'd give up and go home , because either way I could not and would force Koichi to forgive me . I traced the path back home and it was then that I saw a little castle far away from me . Euphoric and anxious , I flew as fast as possible there . When I got closer , I realized that every trace of my painting was quite similar to the original castle .
  The gates opened when I approached them and entered the castle. He was even more fascinating inside with several flights of stairs and huge rooms . Searched room by room , but found no one . Feeling defeated, fell asleep in his room accidentally , for every flight that drained a lot of energy and I needed to recover to continue to look for him .

- What are you doing here ?
  Almost fell out of bed with the voice of Blake and violent hit the door on the wall. I looked around to make sure where I was and saw it was still in the room Koichi . But what Blake was doing there ?
- Here is the house of Koichi , what are YOU doing here ? - I asked, recovering .
- I asked you first , then answer . What I do not concern you . Takashiro will kill you if you know that you are here and left without his permission .
- In this issue I take care . I'm looking for Koichi that urgently need to speak with him . Have you seen him anywhere?
- Maybe ...
- Well , Blake , stop being so and help me just now , yes ?
- And what do I get?
- ...
  Blake sighed , clearly unhappy with my lack of argument , but I did not know what to offer because I never imagined I would meet him at the home of Koichi .
- Okay , you selfish. Go towards the southwest and follow the eastward when you have flown five kilometers . Bring a jacket , believe me , you need ... I'm in a hurry, do not have time to chat .
- Blake , wait, I do not know how ... - He was gone .

  I followed the direction he indicated me and I felt chills through my body . The place was no nice little . Appeared that no one had ever ventured there.