Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 14 ❅

  Lauren was happy with his progress and was ready to face Elisabeth . When she was entering the cabin to get changed , something or someone strikes back with strength and makes losing balance . She turned , but found no one .
  Something was different in the forest . A soft blue light shone through the trees , leaving a trail weak and almost invisible .
  The girl followed the light feeling a chill down his spine , as if alerted a hazard ahead . But she would not stop . She received an exemplary training and nothing could scare her as much as the idea of fighting Elisabeth .
  She walked to reach the banks of a small stream that she did not know existed . The noise of the water running through the gravel was reassuring and she left the clear water run through her ​​fingers that gently tickled the tips of her fingers . Lauren could stay there forever , but let out a little stream of water , wetting her face .
- I do not advise you stay near the water , girl on fire.
- Who are you ?
- My name is Hailey . I am master of the Waters .
  The master was different from the others . Her appearance was not entirely human . She had scales resembling the body color silver , gray hair stuck in a long braid complex and wore a blue silk dress .
- Arianne did not tell me about you ...
- I'm not allied with them . Neither Elisabeth . I intend to keep her for my own reasons and alone , without anyone disturbing my battle .
- But ...
- I know you're the chosen one , but have you looked in the mirror of life ? You are selfish and petty , arrogant and spoiled .
- I 've heard that before . But it is not true !
- Try to convince me .
  Hailey raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms , waiting for an answer . Lauren glanced toward the course of the stream .
- Well , I never wanted to participate in it in the beginning. The only thing I wanted was that Dylan was mine forever , but after knowing about Elisabeth and know that he was being imprisoned and tortured , decided to join the battle.
- You are silly .
- What did you say ?
- You want to break free from the tyranny Dylan Price Ice Queen and then kill him prisoner because of his love . Do you really think just what you want to do with it ?
- I do not want that for him, I did not even think that way .
- It should. Love is not to keep your loved one attached to you . Love is the freedom of choice you give to that person . Think about it and then reconsider your choice .
  Hailey disappeared and left the girl thinking about that conversation. She Dylan and I thought he must be going through right now in the grip of Elisabeth for her all those years he was away . Hailey was right , was not fair .
' I will fight for him , but no more so it is with me . I want it to be free to do what you want and resume the life he lost because of me . '