Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

XI. rє∂ αท∂ cσℓ∂ вσ∂y - τнє ραsτ cαททστ вє cнαทgє∂

  The castle looked smaller with Koichi there. When we arrived , he arranged towels and some clothes for me . I guided me to the bathroom and when I would turn on the shower , I heard my brother calling me in a room . Finally I found him and he had his hands on some products , a bowl with water and some towels .
- Sit down . We will clean your wings first.
  I looked at him curiously , after all , they could not be cleaned with just water ? I sat in the chair that was in front of him and felt the gentle touch of it on my wings , removing all impurities with warm water and then applying something that smelled good , but it did sting my wings so unbearable.
- Are you serious wounds at the base of the wings ; does not surprise me that has done their wounds sting. Well, they are clean now . Save them and not let any drop of water comes into contact with them . I applied a healing in wounds and isolated myself with some bandages and if contact with water for a long time you will have injuries worse , okay ?
  I got up from the chair and put the wings , dipping in the bath up to the neck . I washed it as soon as I could and put the clothes Koichi arranged . Were perfect and they were extremely comfortable . They were to be my mother . I fixed the toilet and went to the room where my things were when I saw that Koichi was without the shirt on his back and was blood-red scar in the shape of an X. A chill ran down my spine and my stomach twisted , wondering why he had so terrible a wound in the back .
  I did not think to keep walking and ignore that scene . I went into his room without knocking and called by Koichi , who was at the window with his eyes closed completely unrealistic and did not even hear my call . He only came to himself when I touched his scar by accident when I hugged him . His blue eyes were green and then back to the natural tone . Koichi was furious at me for having entered without knocking , and mainly because I touched his scar .
- I. .. Forgive me ...
- Why did you get ? Should not you have seen this much less should you touch this scar. Do not do that .
- What happened ? Why do you have this hurt?
  He wore a T-shirt from the wardrobe and motioned for me to lie down beside him .
- It was when you were born , my mother was asleep with you in his arms and father Blake was in office. I was on the balcony of our room mom , watching you sleep and Blake was hunting . - Average pause - When he arrived the hunt , Blake said there was an army that would attack our house . Tsugami his father arrived with a sword and tried to save our mother and you , but it was too late. - He closed his eyes - Soldiers were searching our entire mansion and I tried to stop their leader , who was his uncle.
- M- my uncle ?
- Yes, he was too powerful for me and attacked me from behind. He wore two swords sharpened to easily cut my back , knocking me to the ground and causing a lot of my blood was lost . I gathered my strength and went to help Blake and his father , but when I got my mother was dead and Tsugami lay on the floor , losing consciousness . Blake was holding you in my arms and fighting several soldiers at once , before I could move to help him , he gave you in my arms and asked me to look after you and protect you in a safe place . Then I went to the human world to search for a pure light that can accommodate you and at that moment I discovered the family Mizuki . His adoptive parents could not have children and were completely devastated. As they were loving , let you in the door of their home and left when I saw that they smiled to see you . I went back to finish the battle and Blake was leaning on the wall, observing a dark blue flame devouring enemy soldiers .

  I shuddered wondering how that moment would have been horrible . Koichi kissed my forehead and got closer to me , covering me with the cream-colored linens and singing a lullaby to me as she hugged me gently.

    I woke up in the night with a nightmare . I do not remember much of my dream , but I know I woke up with shaking hands and cold . Koichi was sound asleep , but was waking up with my agitation.
- It's okay , nothing will happen wrong with you . I 'm here and I'll take care of you . You can go back to sleep , I promise you will not have nightmares .
  The last thing I remember before falling asleep was seeing the moon hiding behind a silver cloud .