Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 2 ❅

   Lauren spent the rest of the day thinking about the owner of that voice and the place where Dylan could be . Whistler was a great place and she did not know where to look . But one thing she was certain : nothing to prevent them from looking for him . Later that same day , she called her friend from school, Bethany Williams , combining a week's stay at her house to get to collect more information about the place where Dylan could be . Furthermore , the mother of Bethany was a specialist in regression therapy and also was a psychologist , which left Gray quieter .
   The girl packed a bag and drove a medium sedan silver down Main Street . It was early evening and so were several cars there. After all , the night was quiet and Lauren drove quietly , when a white convertible came at high speed in the wrong direction and crashed into the sedan girl , making him roll over again and again until you have your glasses broken by branches razor sharp a tree , pointing toward the neck and chest of the girl. She tried to get out of the car , but the seat belt was stuck and would not budge.
  Lauren closed her eyes to try and ease the pain I would feel here the seconds, but was surprised when it turned out that the car was completely destroyed and in flames . She pinched , but it was not a dream , was the purest reality. Somehow , the girl saira car and was there , alive and unscathed .
  Beside her , a tall , dark-haired and wearing a white coat was staring at her . Who was he ? Seeing the man , Lauren pulled back sharply.
- I will not hurt you . If I wanted , I would have left you to die in that car .
  Her eyes widened . So he saved , how?
  The moonlight illuminated his face and those eyes made ​​the girl's heart want to jump through the mouth .
- Dylan ... Thank you.
- I'm always around to take care of you , but do not want you to look .
- Why? What is happening ? Why did you do with the cold hurt me ?
  He looked away and stared at the floor , his blue eyes dull , conveying melancholy and regret .
- I needed a way to ensure that you stay away from me . I'm not good for you. 'm Dangerous .
- What are you talking about? You just saved me from an accident that surely would make my life !
- Just to be able to try and redeem myself than I did . The evil that I 'm causing you . I know you've been sad and does not go much to school since that day . Breaks my heart to know what others say you are crazy my fault .
- So ... Why do you ... Not back ?
  She had her eyes brimming tears . Dylan knew it was wrong , but still came and comforted her with a hug . Lauren was still sobbing , but the nest of his arms were cold , but still were welcoming and made the girl stop crying . He kissed her forehead and pulled away from him gently .
  The girl looked at him with pleading eyes , that would make anyone hate yourself if you say no to such an innocence and grace .
- I'm sorry , but you will get hurt , I'm no longer that same Dylan Price you know.
- Of course you are ! I'm sure you're still the same , I just do not know why you want to stay away from people who love you, but you have not changed anything.
- Yes , I've changed. But I can not say how . Lauren , forgive me, but I can not do it for you . For more willpower than I have , I can not .
- If you can not , I can .
- No, Lauren did not.
  Lauren disobeyed the warnings of his friend and wrapped her arms around his neck , feeling the sweetness and all the love he had for her . Dylan tried to separate it , but the more he tried, the closer she got .
  Soon , she herself away on their own, touching her lips with her fingertips . Blood.
- I said you would get hurt . My whole body is cold and the simple fact that you get close to me now you're likely to get hurt . Understood that I am not who you think I am?
- I do not care if it happened , Dylan . Even if you stay close means I will die , I will stay close forever. I do not care how you are, just the fact that we are together and makes it mean nothing .
  Dylan did not respond . He looked at her for a second and left with a gust of wind came up suddenly . Lauren felt her chest was empty again and stood in the middle of the street , looking at where the boy disappeared .