Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, September 20, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 7 - ∂yłαη ρяıcє ❅

  Lauren had already left . Now Elisabeth and I were just in that forest . Damn that witch was as a teenager, with the image of a platinum blonde , pointing a spear of ice at me with a half smirk . I was at a disadvantage because it had no weapons , but I remembered the powers that be had as her vassal .
- Is your order , Dylan Price. Say your last words .
- I say , but only one will : Die .
  I jumped behind her and gave her a trick . Furious, she stood up , but changed his spear for a powerful weapon , the same as she used to shoot Lauren . Thinking about it made ​​my stomach churn , because I could not imagine those filthy hands upon the girl that I love so much .
  She stood up , his face showing pure hatred and rancor . I ran through the trees , trying to find a loophole to attack , but got nothing . Elisabeth was shooting at me and I escaped for very little . Could not run forever , I knew that, but needed something to fight for equality against it . I thought of a sword , but it would not be so practical . A weapon like hers ? Would not be as effective . Then I thought of a dagger and object materialized in my hands . Cut the chains that held me like a dog and I immediately felt lighter and more powerful. Stopped running and I was hoping she reached me .
  It did not take long for Elisabeth arrived , but she had no weapon in his hands . She was the true form again and had an expression on the face of victory.
- I need not waste my valuable time with you worthless human . What I want to happen will happen , but in competent hands and you can not arrive in time to save her this time .
  She disappeared and that laugh bone-chilling remained in the air . I knew she had something to prevent Lauren arriving to the house of Gray and I needed to stop whatever she has concocted . I left the forest and followed quickly with my Audi for the road leading to the house of her parents .