Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, September 13, 2013

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  The Price entered despair and agony when they learned of the disappearance of the boy in the snow . They called the police , but to no avail . No police dogs were able to track the scent of Dylan . It was as if he had mysteriously disappeared or ceased to exist . The Gray tried to look for him in the neighborhood , but were unsuccessful and it was to be the happiest of days ended in tragedy and misfortune .

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    Every day , people went to the house of the Price offer them comfort. The boy's mother , Melissa Price, was in a state of depression and his father , James Price , was giving up looking for him , after all, Dylan disappeared two months ago and there was still no trace or evidence to prove that he was still alive .
   Already the home of Gray , the girl Lauren was also in deep melancholy . She never imagined that it would feel , but the absence of Dylan was killing her inside a little bit . See the photos from when they were children and remember every moment was something that should not be done, but could not avoid . The need she had to see those blue eyes like the ocean was bigger than the strength she had to hold the longing and sadness . The girl went through several psychological accompaniments , but none was as effective , two weeks later , Lauren was immersed in deep sorrow , and hallucinate the house with the ghost of Dylan . Gradually, the Gray gave up to make her forget the boy, who was her boyfriend .
   That was too much for anyone to bear, but had no other way . Dylan told her to stay away from him , snow and ice, which still stung her skin in contact with her ​​skin . She became absent at school and spread rumors that she was crazy and that parents internariam in a rehabilitation clinic .
  But that did not matter to Lauren Gray . What she really wanted was Dylan again in her life .
  Still snowed a lot . There was nothing to do but relax by the fireplace and that's exactly what Lauren did . She fell asleep in the room with a book on the body .
❅ ❅ ❅
    She was in a dark place with a dense white fog . There was no door nor window , nor any means of lighting that widen your field of vision . Lauren was not alone , that she knew very well. One could feel a presence around hostile and strange .
  A figure approached and stood a few steps away . His face was covered with a black mask and he made ​​the girl shiver with cold and fear .
- I will not hurt you . Lauren , how did you find your way to my mind ?
- Dylan ?
  He took off his mask , revealing the same blue eyes and the same crooked smile she loved so much . Dylan approached her and cradled her in his arms to relieve the pain he felt for abandoning all that was important .
- Why did you leave ? We are all dying to meet you.
  The boy was silent and the atmosphere began to get uncomfortable . Dylan was hiding something important , that Lauren knew well . To look at him again, something had changed . The girl's legs were numb and the boy was away from her , with the icy gaze , as if that nice guy who was with her for a few seconds he was dead .
- I told you to never find me. I told you to stay away from me . No longer was enough snow and ice hurt your skin ?
- How do you know ?
- Why was I who did everything related to cold hurt you .
   Lauren 's eyes widened . As it would be capable of such cruelty to her? What had happened to the attentive and cheerful Dylan Price? Who was that heartless man who stood before her ?
  Everything was disappearing from sight of it and the image of his childhood friend is distorted as the fog disappeared from that place . Without knowing where a female voice said to her:
- You will not have the beautiful blue-eyed prince again.
  Something blocked her vision and she fell into darkness .
❅ ❅ ❅
- Lauren ! Wake up, my daughter !
  She was sweating despite the cold and his hands , as his voice was trembling . His heart was racing and a great extra dose of adrenaline coursed through his veins .
- Dylan . That woman . I have to ... Dylan is running pergio !
  Her father , Vincent Gray , took her by the shoulders and sat on the edge of the couch where she lay .
- My daughter was just a dream . Do not know where Dylan is and if he is alive , nothing bad can happen to him . He is a responsible kid and knows how to take care of. I'm sure he would not want to see her in this state .
- Father , believe me ! I saw ! Dylan was not as always , he was aggressive and aloof . And the voice , the woman has something to do with it .
- What voice ? What woman ? Lauren , please stop it .
- She said ' You will not have the beautiful blue-eyed prince again. ' . That's it! Dylan is in a place where only the aristocrats may be . And as there is more castles here in town, he can only be in the forest .
- Wait a minute , young lady . You will NOT get out for nothing , you know?
- But Dad , it's an emergency .
  Vincent sighed and looked deep into her eyes , saying slowly and firmly :
- Will you. . Stay. Here . Get it?
- Yes, I'm sorry for that. I think I let myself influence .
- It's okay , little daughter .
  Lauren was not at all convinced that it was not actually real. She felt as if everything was agreed and this would not be so. The girl discover where Dylan is and bring her back .