Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

XVIII. єτєrทαℓ gσσ∂вyє - α ℓσsτ αทgєℓ

  Hear the voice of Koichi when I felt the blood on my hands Erick . He was on the floor with the sword stuck in the base of the neck , completely deprived of eternal life.
  It was at that moment that everything changed forever in my life . The moment of choice came and my sentence was given forever. I could not go back from my word , but I know I did what was right . Erick was just forever and everything would return to normal . I never thought that I would choose to be with vampires and rule the heart of darkness , but in the end I climbed the destination for this place .
- What did you do ? Please do not tell me you chose ...
- I'm sorry . - My eyes stung with tears that insisted on escaping .
- It's okay . You did what was right .
  Koichi cradled me in her arms and I buried my face in his shoulder . Even though he was not angry with me , I could not face him directly. I did this for an entire race that was impaired , but deep down I never wanted to stay here . My greatest wish was to stay in the world of archangels and forget this my bloodthirsty side forever, but in the end , everything was upside down. Everything I did not want to become my duty and my dreams were ripped out of me mercilessly . Worse still , I would be alone for eternity .
  ' Thank you for having sacrficado for us Shizukka . ' I heard Blake say , but this made ​​me happy . I was clinging to Koichi , with no intention of releasing it .
- It's okay , sweetheart. Despite all this I still will love you . Always .
- But our bond is broken and what I wanted was exactly opoto that everything that is happening .
  Koichi patted my back gently and brought me closer.
- Looks like a sweet angel has already been lost . Anyway , we will always be united by a bond of blood.
  I looked up , surprised he said that. Do something different was happening to me ? Yes, it was . I looked at my reflection through the eyes of Koichi and saw that my hair was black , my skin was pale , almost transparent and my eyes were brown . Had long, sharp fangs in my mouth . I tried to open my wings , but they were gone and I felt a twinge of pain where they were. Scoured the fingers on my back and felt two scars on straight lines in the place where my wings should be.
  Koichi cupped my chin and kissed my forehead at length , followed by a hug that I wished would never end. His eyes were with tears he was fighting to control .
- Well .. Our ties end here . I know you will be a great ruler . Goodbye .
- Goodbye , Koichi . - My tears disappeared and more depressed as I was, they were not streamed from my eyes , and even gave sign that they were inside my body . - I 'll miss you . Really.
- I know, my love . We will meet again in a place of our own, where no one can get more . I'll be waiting for eternity .

  Koichi and archangels gone forever. I stood there , motionless , just watching the departure of beings to which I would never join me . Now I was a vampire forever and my angelic side entirely gone . I know that despite all care for vampires was the best thing to do . Blake wanted to be here and I will do so with pleasure and honor for all who have been and all that remain.