Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 9 ❅

   Lauren was sleeping like an angel , however , a dream that looked more like a nightmare , woke her up during the night screaming , which scared Dylan, who was asleep in the chair beside . He ran to hold the hands of the girl , but was hit by a punch in the stomach .
- Hey , what did you do lessons during this time that we are away ?
- I'm sorry . I thought you were someone else .
- It's okay now . I 'm here .
  For the first time , she saw something she could not before . Turquoise was a light around the body of Dylan and the image of the Queen Elisabeth cold swung behind the boy . In the boy's neck , she saw a deep scar in the shape of a snowflake . Lauren 's eyes widened even more when he saw the reflection of his eyes an image resembling a memory where the ice queen puts that mark him with a violent motion and did Dylan bleed.
  The boy looked stunned Lauren . What she was seeing was not he ? He shook hands in front of her face to free her from the trance that held apart and lit the lamp .
- Why do not you tell me? - Her eyes were tears umidecidos approaching - Why did you hide it from me all this time ?
- So you can see ... I just wanted to save you from suffering premature. Elisabeth told me that you had when you wake seventeen, so ...
- So you decided to make me an idiot ? So you decided to fool me , since I could not see any of that, is not it? You mean since I started high school did you deal with that witch ?
- You will never believe me if I told you and even because I never meant to lie and deceive you, I just want to protect you in all ways possible .
  Dylan tried to approach her , but the girl pushed him away . She was crying and looked at him with pain and sadness .
- Is there anything else you want to tell me ? Or I'll have to find out yourself?
- Well - he sighed - I learned long ago that you are a direct descendant of the ancient queen of the fire and all that represented the heat, so Elisabeth wants to get rid of you . Also , I discovered that I am ...
- You what? I do not want to lie to me more ! Tell me everything ! I just can not stay out of it and do not want to be like a ghost without knowing anything !
- I am the son of Elisabeth . The second.
- You what ? - She gave a nervous laugh - How ? Why? Who's first then?
- The first child is Bryan Whinterland and she abandoned me as soon as she knew I would come into this world and made ​​sure I was born between the Price family so she could get rid of me . But when she learned of our involvement and who you were, in fact , Elisabeth met me and said what I had to do , but I refused and offered to be her vassal forever if he would spare you from all evil .
  Lauren grabbed the sheets so tightly that they ended up tearing . She was shaking and her brown hair hid the girl's face like a thick curtain chocolate brown . Dylan saw that the sheets were a few drops of freshly shed tears for her. He knew she was angry at him and wanted him to leave , but at the same time she did not want to be alone .
  He brushed her hair from her face and held her hand that was without the plaster . Lauren lifted her face , which was wet with tears that flowed endlessly . The infeior her jaw was tense and contracted extremente , which made the muscles of her face sore , but nothing was more painful to know that the person she loved most was hiding all this from her for so long .
- I know you're mad at me and you have every right to be angry , but I want you to understand what I felt when I knew everything . Put yourself in my shoes and think about my options : you tell it all or would keep for you ?
  Lauren did not respond . Just looking at him with her ​​big brown eyes filled with tears .
- Go away . I do not want to see you ever again. - She hissed , trying to prevent a new access tearful .
- I hope you get well soon . - He kissed the top of her head - forgive me one more time ... You'll be fine alone ? Want me to call your parents stay here with you ?
  She shook her head and looked away from him . Knowing that she would not accept that he stay until dawn, he left the lamp on and went out the back door of the hospital , her heart into tiny fragments . He left quietly with your Audi and has not looked back because he knew that if he did once , tears would come to his eyes .
' If she hate me Lauren will not suffer anymore. As much it hurts my soul to know that she is in danger , she will not forgive me for not accepting my help ... It seems that my love will have to fall back asleep until the right moment . '