Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, September 6, 2013

XIII. sαcriƒicє ƒσr τнє τrυє ρσωєr

   I pushed the door and tried to open it to all methods possible and impossible , but could not. The window was locked and the windows also not yielded to the impact of my body to try to break them . I rolled the room from top to bottom , looking for a way out, however , my attempts were in vain. I walked from one side to the other and then my stomach started an uprising and just in time , a maid of the castle came to bring me something to eat .
  While she was distracted arranging my bed , dropped her keys in the front pocket of the apron, making a thud on the wooden floor . I finished my meal and she left, but Blake appeared then .
- What is it? - Asked bitterly .
- I can not come and see how you are ? After all , you can hear the castle its flaws attempts to escape . The glass windows are made ​​with diamond , or are unbreakable . And the door can only be match with someone has the pure blood of a vampire , so you can not escape from here , okay ? Now be a good girl and be quiet here, right? I'll be back to see you later.
  I heard the door locked from the outside and the steps of Blake pulling away and down the stairs . I wore a pair of black boots that were in the closet and put on a black leather coats that were also there. I used the keys to open the door and crept down the hall in the shadows where no one could see me . Jumped to the ground floor and almost stumbled . I continued walking to find a way out , but almost bumped into Blake , who listened when I suddenly changed position .
  My heartbeat was racing. He was approaching , turning on lights wherever he went . I was dead for sure . I hid behind a black armor and tried to control my breathing when I heard behind me . I closed my eyes waiting for my order , but I heard a sigh and steps Blake walked away. Ventured one peep . No one was there and ran into a run towards the end of the corridor . There was an old wooden door that was locked and no keys could open it . I tried to kick the door and bowed .
  Everything was dark and my eyes lingered to adapt to the darkness of the place , and it was when I saw two sparks of light that were the color of emeralds . I tried to run back to the entrance silently , but a firm hand grabbed my wrist . I swung my arm, but he still did not let go . He was strong and knocked me to the ground , resting one foot on my back , twisting my arms back so I thought they would be torn from my body.
- So you thought you could escape , little sister ? I do not know how you got the keys , but I know that you can now say goodbye to that room , because now you will suffer the worst punishment far worse than death itself .

  Blake took me to a room where two girls were chained by the neck to the human side of a throne. One was blonde, medium length hair and gray eyes , the other had red hair that fell like snails ruddy cheeks , highlighting blue eyes . They were extremely pale and had fang marks on their necks .
- You will not have the same fate as them , do not worry . - Blake pushed me against the black marble floor , causing me to fall to my knees .
  Then I heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall toward the room . I tried to lift her head to see who it was, but Blake shoved down my neck , making my forehead touching the ground brutally . I felt the blood drain from my face and then my vision went blurry. The blow was really violent .
- What do we have here ? The heiress of Kawazaki tried to escape ? It really is a shame because I had better plans for you , my dear Shizukka , or should I say Kawazaki Sakiko ?
  I looked at my uncle confused . Blake tensed beside me and I could hear him grinding his teeth for a second . Erick Kawazaki laughed and pulled the chain that held my throat , making me stand.
- So your precious guardian angel did not tell you anything?
- He told me that his soldiers and you have made with my family ! You are a mosntro !
- Yes , I am. - He broke into a smile that made me want to tear up the last tooth it - but that's not the case, compliments make no difference to me at the time . What matters now is what to do with you.
- Do not change the subject ! Why do you call me Kawazaki Sakiko ? What Koichi should have told me ? Blake knew that?
- I confess that I did not suspect anything , but when I saw what happened with that human boy after he left his house started to believe and to reconsider the fact their origin . - Blake replied coldly.
- What are you talking about? What happened to Nathaniel ?
- He died , Sakiko . As he returned home a car lost control and went up on the sidewalk just when he was there . You bring bad luck to those who love you , worse , you are condemned to death. Look what happened to that human and what happened to Koichi after spending one more night with you . You are not just the mixture of angel and vampire, you're an angel of death , the most powerful I've seen so far.
- That's a lie ! Koichi can not be dead ! Much less for my sake ! What happened to him ? I demand to know what happened to my brother !
- Lower your voice , girl .
  Erick slapped me in the face , which burned with intensity. I growled and I thought about moving , but a new attack knocked me to the floor , making it difficult to get my balance . I thought about what I just heard and if I really were an angel of death , if I were destroyed people who died because of me would return in time and they would not die . I set my balance and raised his chin , trying demonstar confidence.
- Since it is so , then I will not resist. If you want to put an end to my life , so be it , at least people who have suffered and are suffering because of me will be happy again , moreover , Blake will be better in government than I do.
- What a good girl you are, Sakiko . Now kneel down and be quiet . It will not hurt much, I promise .

  Blake freed me from the chains and hugged me .
- Escape through the door at the end of the east corridor . Do not have time to explain , you have little time before returning Erick . Forgive me , Shizukka .
- Blake ... What is happening ?
- Do not have time to explain . Go away . Now . Koichi will be waiting there and want you to go with him to the castle of the archangels and do not step over here for the rest of his life .
- I can not go without you . Do not want him to hurt you I fled .
  He pushed me into the hall and took a dagger , nailing it on his abdomen . My legs did work start running without me ordering . Everything to me was confused , because I thought Blake really wanted me dead , but now he decided to save me and is sorry . Also , why no one told me I was an angel of death and that my real name was Sakiko ? I felt doubly betrayed , but trsiteza was left behind . If Koichi really was waiting for me at the end of that corridor , he would understand my motives and help me save those lands and my brother Blake . The tyranny of  Erick Kawazaki come to an end , even for this I have to die .