Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, September 9, 2013

XVI. iท τнє мi∂∂ℓє σƒ τнє ทigнτ

  Blake came in front of me , holding a silver sword . Erick 's eyes were fixed on me and I saw them fill with anger.
- Damn you , Sakiko . His brothers will not protect you forever. I'll kill you for trying to deceive me .
- Not while we're here , Erick .
  Koichi came through the window accompanied by Kei . Erick was even more angry and advanced on Blake , who pushed me toward the door , ordering me to run as fast as possible , without looking back . I hesitated and when I saw Kei was kneeling on the floor in front of me with an arrow in his chest .
 Suddenly , I was no longer with clothes Luka . I was with my usual clothes and found myself running through the mansion hoping to find the exit, but saw only flames downstairs. I had no way out of that place . I went up , terrified , trying to open the windows to escape , but they yielded and glasses nor broke . The flames were coming near me and I was trapped until someone grabbed me by the waist and passed through one of the windows , smashing the windows of diamonds and both collapsed on the floor.
- Blake ! Blake !
  He was with his face covered in blood and with the black overcoat totally destroyed . His arms were with burn marks and he was unconscious . I grabbed his wrist and saw that it was weak heartbeat . Could carry it on my back to the gates , which were locked .
  I was exhausted and I put my brother, who was still unconscious on the cold floor and infertile.
- Blake , please , you can not end well . Chord. You can do this , I know . I forgive you for everything , but please come back . I do not want to live without hearing their groans and see their faces .
  I took a handkerchief that was in my pocket and wiped his face carefully .
- What happened to him ?
- Koichi ?
- What happened to Blake ?
- He saved me from breaking the window of the mansion and he is unconscious , I think it was because of the fall .
- No. Blake is too tough for that.
- And what happened to Erick ?
- He's gone. Thomas and Zane were behind him. We have to get you two out of here , and fast.

  Koichi hung my other brother on his shoulders and took my hand . I spread my wings and follow to the end of that darkness , where there was a forest far away from my home .
- Stay here and take care of him , please.
  I have not had time to protest . Koichi disappeared , leaving Blake to my care . He had his head on my lap and the blood still trickled down his face . Carefully examined the place where the blood was coming and saw a deep gash just above his forehead . I could not heal him .
- Shizukka ...
- Blake !
  He took my hand and placed it near his face . His breathing was increasingly compromised and was getting colder . Was still losing blood and I did not know what to do . Blake coughed a few times and closed his eyes .
- I'm fine . - He replied hoarsely . - Just want you to forgive me for this betrayal and all these problems .
- Everyone has a weakness and it is normal we let ourselves be influenced by it . It's okay .
 Blake smiled and opened his eyes a little and held my face .
- Glad to hear that ... I want to tell you something ... I. .. I love you , Shizukka . All the bickering and rudeness were to protect you.
  That was the day I finally blew my lips to Blake . That was our first and last kiss . When we let go , he was still fechaods eyes . The breathing was imperceptible and heartbeat was slower than normal . I tried to tell his heart , but his heart stopped beating .
- Blake ... My brother ... Erick will pay for it . I will avenge his death .
  The necklace he gave me suddenly disappeared and came into the hands of the body of my brother . Leaned his body on a tree and follow the path into the heart of darkness . Koichi would punish me for it, but I was not bothering . Spread my wings and flew for the final battle . Tears streamed from my eyes , a mixture of pain and hatred with desire for revenge .

 I do this for Blake , the vampire and me. This will not stand .