Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, September 23, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 10 ❅

   Lauren watched  Dylan  from the bedroom window and felt his heart to ashes . He had made a fool of lies and during that time , it was not fair . For a moment , he asked what she did with Lauren Gray stopped to think about the reasons he would have to hide that secret , which concerned not only for her life , but also to their lives together in the future and that was unforgivable. Even though she did not believe at the time, he should have made ​​an effort to make her believe in everything .
  She was still exhausted from all he heard and discovered , beyond the discussion she had with Dylan . Her head ached from crying and the information that she had yet to process . Unfortunately , she could not sleep and it made her feel even worse . Think about how Dylan felt should be pained to her heart , but she would not ask him to return to the hospital . The girl reached into her coat pockets for new phone and dialed the number of the first name that was on the agenda .

❅ ❅ ❅

     Soft music echoed through the interior of the black Audi of Dylan . His cell phone was ringing , but who would be at this hour ? He had nothing to lose and thought it was Elisabeth , yet decided to attend.
   However , he had a big surprise to look in the phone display . His face was stamped dearest and beloved Dylan had at heart.
- You all right?
- Well, it's ...
- Can not sleep , is it?
   He heard a sigh distant girl and smiled briefly .
   As if his smile had crossed the other side of the line , Lauren repaired the motovo that she called him .
- I was wondering if you are well , just that. I do not want to come back here .
- Okay, that's it?
- ...
- I'm driving now and I can not be talking now . Good evening , Lauren .
- Wait! I actually can not sleep so I was wondering if you could ...
- I know ... Aoi Rayflower ito ?
- Please .
- You are lying ?
- Yes
   Dylan put the phone on speaker and started singing the song that always made Lauren sleeping : Aoi Ito , which is sung by the group Rayflower . For the girl , hearing the boy sing was like a gift from the gods, for he had an angelic voice that was rich and smooth , capable lullaby anyone . She was giving in to fatigue and sleep lightly until fast asleep with the phone in the right ear .
  Upon hearing the deep breath girl , Dylan wished good night and hung up . He felt happy to help her sleep , despite the distance . The boy wanted to come back and hug her tenderly and get lost in his brown eyes that sparkled whenever they were together. The soft skin of her playing it and how innocent she fell asleep with her ​​head resting on his shoulder were in some infinite reasons he wished to be with her , but some factors such as it being a vassal and son of Elisabeth , the fact that he lied at her request and Lauren so he did not come back over everything and made it crumble exergar true reality : the old Dylan Price was dead and now he only represented pain and illusion for all who were dear to him .