Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

XVII. τiмє τσ cнσσsє: vαмρirє σr αทgєℓ´s ωσr∂?

   I got lost several times on the way back to the heart of darkness . It was colder than usual , and my wings were shaking , but I did not let myself be intimidated. Continued advancing decided I wanted revenge. They say that revenge is not the best medicine for anything, however what Erick did was unforgivable and if I remember well what Blake told me , the vampire law was unique and simple : eye for eye, tooth for tooth, evil for evil or the most famous law of return or action and reaction .
  The gates were open and there was blood and flames everywhere . I heard some vampires running through the forest of dry trees and followed some footprints that did not lead to the castle , but for another side unknown to me until then. Nothing indicated to me that they were the footsteps of Erick , but I decided to move on. Strides were of men's boots and left a trail of perfume that smelled of dried flowers with a rainy day .

  I continued following the tracks and I came across a black arrow with the golden tip . The arrow was broken in half and was stained with blood . There was a blood red as it is used . It was a violet pigment , almost black . I felt a chill run down my spine and my body stiffened automatically. A large dose of adrenaline was thrown through my veins and I started running , still on the trail of the person who had been struck by the arrow .
  I ran for a few yards and saw a figure pass quickly for me . My body froze and I hid behind one of the trees that were twisted by the way . There was only one person . There were three men and were armed . The first two were of average height and average high and the latter was lower than the others .
- He went to Northwestern . We can not lose sight of him .
  That voice was familiar and it was like an injection of sedatives . When I realized it was Koichi and angels auxiliary could relax a little . Gradually I was coming out of my hiding place and saw a black smudge on me and only processed the information when I felt a twinge of sharp weapon in my throat and a foot on my stomach . Then I realized that I was on the floor . How I got there I did not the faintest idea , but I felt a great fright. Erick was there and certainly would kill me without mercy .
- Sakiko ? - Another deep voice , but melodious sparked my memory .
- Zane ! Me !
- Sorry . - He offered to help me to get up - I thought it was Erick ... Wait a minute - he arched an eyebrow - what are you doing here ? Koichi said that you were taking care of Blake .
- Blake is not among the living . Erick because he ... Him .. Well , you got it .
- I'm sorry . Koichi not vain like anything.
  Not knowing where to go , because the footprints were gone , I decided to follow Zane , who was embranhando further in the woods lifeless. The trees were higher , but had no leaves and the stem deeply scratched . I wondered what kind of animal could survive here , since vampires walked into disrepair. I sighed . I did not know what to do now , because the weight of the world decide on which I should be weighed further on my back . From the beginning , I had chosen to go with Koichi to the realm of archangels , but now everything was confused and I was not sure of anything anymore . A lump formed in my throat , but I tried to swallow it all at once , without noticing Zane .
  When I realized he was no longer on my side . I looked in all directions and saw that Zane was chasing Erick . They were about 80 yards away and I could not reach them . What I had left was to follow the traces they left behind . After a while of walking, I arrived at the castle of Kawazaki . There was an uphill battle there, but I could not see Erick . I saw that Koichi was fighting one of the soldiers , as Thomas and I saw that Zane was having a hard job fighting a soldier who had at least 15 centímetos and about 25 pounds heavier than him.
  I felt useless in the middle of all this war , but soon realized there were more angels over there as reinforcement . They were in many ways and were completely away from that classic version of curly hair the color of gold and blue eyes transboradavam innocence. I saw some black hair , scarlet eyes , gray hair and eyes of two colors : one blue and one violet. Some were tall and extremely thin , others were low but endowed with muscles . And do not stop there . There were many more and if I get one describing each lose the course of history .
  Well, even with all that reinforcement, caught a two-bladed sword and decided to help my brother .
- What are you doing here ?
- Blake is no longer with us and I came here to avenge him .
- I understand . But know that I will not be able to play your guardian angel now , so take care. And this view .
  Koichi gave me gloves and a gray overcoat , which by the way was very heavy . Vesti reluctantly and plunged into battle, but I was drawn by a shadow I saw clearly that it was Erick . I left and started to chase him to the back of the castle.
- Finally alone , Sakiko .
  I prepared to fight , but he did not show any sign of who would attack . Erick raised both hands in the air as a sign of surrender , but I did not believe him .
- We can make an exchange . - He said , finally - If you choose the side of the vampires , I can bring Blake back here and I'll disappear forever.
- Blake can not come back to life . If you think you can fool me , know that I know your tricks . Even if true , I'd rather regret not having believed .
- I see that your love for him is not that big . If he were in your shoes , I'm sure he would have chosen this place to have you back . He even told me that.
- Bullshit !
  I was tired of hearing all this cascade of falsehood and deceit . I held the sword firmly and lunged Erick , causing a scratch on his face . He did not move , just stared at the sword , waiting for me to attack him again.
- Go ahead . I'm already in poor condition to continue fighting. Koichi and archangels drained more than half of my energy . Kill me if you want . But know that you will lose the only way to know how to bring Blake back.
  My hands were shaking , but I did not hesitate to drop the sword. I stood in place , trying to think what to do . Soon came the classic dilemma that we all know : to kill or not to kill, that is the question .
' That's a lie . It is a sad reality , we can no longer live in the same plane . Kill him while he thinks you will retreat . Do not waste this unique opportunity . A blow to the throat is all you need now . The archangels have done some of the work , now you left to finish it . ' . Blake 's voice echoed in my head as if he were beside me .
  I closed my eyes and lifted my sword. My legs directed forward and full speed . " This is for all who died in vain because of greed Erick Kawazaki . This is also for my brother Blake had a painful death ."
- For all vampires still left , I choose to be part of this world and put everything in its proper place . For my father and my brother .
- Shizukka !