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Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, August 30, 2013

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  He received a call from the heart of darkness . It was something urgent and the boy felt he would receive a very strict punishment for what he did . Thinking about it made ​​him shudder , something that was very rare for him . If I had not taken her eyes , he thought ruefully as he dipped the heart of darkness back home . House : something that was no longer the place for twenty -three years ago after the death of their parents .
  The first sight was still the same: dark clouds drifting in a sky of scarlet , and completely dry trees with twisted trunks and a huge black gate that was locked with two thick chains and a padlock silver oxidized by time. For any soul , that place looked like a forgotten graveyard that was being eroded by time. At the bottom of that scene was a castle with high towers and the paint is peeling , maybe it was the only thing that was in better condition there.
  The boy jumped over the gate and walked down the infertile soil , being observed by some crows and some people who were there, but apparently did not know the boy . He steps forward faster and saw two soldiers in black armor were hitting a child who was curled up on the floor with my eyes closed now with numerous bruises her arms, legs and face.
- Stop it now and leave the girl alone.
  The youngest soldier laughed and came closer to the guy with the spear pointed at his throat .
- And what have we here ? A foreigner wanting to be a hero ? - The guard grabbed the boy by his shirt collar - Listen , here only the strongest and saberm that behave properly survive . Compared to our emperor , you are just dogs and should behave with such . - The stranger flung out against a tombstone - Now go away from here , otherwise I 'll even kill him .
- I told you to stop , do not you hear me? Let that child alone.
- The message has been given, but if you want to die , I'll do your will .

  The soldier invested violent blows against the opponent , but none of them worked . The boy was lithe and strong , knew how to dodge and where to attack . When the warrior would invest his spear in the heart of the enemy , the other soldier , who was older put a hand on his shoulder , preventing it to move forward .
- You old fool! Why hurt me again?
- Put the gun down , Chauncey . Put the gun down and kneel for forgiveness to the man .
- Why would I do that ? - Chauncey spat on the ground , making it clear what he thought about the matter .
- He is the prodigal son .
  Chauncey laughed bitterly , measuring the newcomer from all possible angles .
- We all know that Kawazaki are dead and the only survivor is our king . You are going crazy old fool .
- So you do not believe ? Well then I'll show you your place .
  With a quick arm motion , the boy's hand pierced the lung Chauncey , causing him to fall to the ground and lose oxygen. His eyes widened and joined forces to kneel to touch the forehead to the ground and beg for misericóridia . However , Blake was not a compassionate person , especially when he was in a bad mood and stabbed the soldier's spear into his back , adding his death .
- I want to see the conductor . Now .
  The older soldier nodded , without fearing the boy and with absolute certainty that the prodigal son returned from the accident that Kawazaki suffered years ago .

________________________________ *** ____________________________

 The road was deserted and there was no one other soldier and Blake walking there . When they reached the castle, the drawbridge lowered , allowing their passage . The soldier was going to give the instructions of how to get to the throne , but the vampire interrupted impatiently. He sprang to the window and entered the main tower , which was surprising regent quenching their thirst with a human woman young .
- Exite something called port that was made ​​for this kind of purpose , Blake .
- I do not have time to waste being polite , escpecialmente when you're in the middle of it. Say just what you want from me ?
  The conductor put his human side and rose from his throne , leaving only a few meters Blake .
- I called you here to know why Shizukka still alive . She should be dead along with his father and the woman .
- That's none of your business.
- Get more education with his uncle , boy. Furthermore , the fact that mixed race is alive is my business .
  Erick Blake grabbed by the throat and threw him against the wall.
- Shizukka can have half of the blood of the archangel, but she is still my sister and I demand respect for her .
  Erick laughed sarcastically and went to sit on the throne , stroking the dog's head Raito who was beside him .
- My dear nephew ... I am astonished that you are giving so much attention to her now and be offended by what I said . When you're near it seems you repulsed the girl and do not want around.
- I do this to protect her from you .
- So I 'm a threat? What kind of you , Blake . But I have to tell you a little secret ... Shizukka can not stay alive .

  Blake tensed . Noticing his reaction , Erick Kawazaki smiled without humor, and looked deeply into the eyes of his nephew , delivering a silver dagger at him . I want you to kill the angel and bring the girl to me in three days , you know?
  The boy shook his head sharply , freeing up the mental control of his uncle .
- Pick another person to do so. I would never betray my family .
- I am your family , Blake . True .
- You're not part of it , you bastard . I'm referring to Shizukka and Koichi .
- You've changed a lot since the last time we met , Blake . Since my mind tricks do not work then I'll be straight with you : Koichi separate the girl and bring her to me .
- No.
- It's okay , I see that you will not help me , then I will send my soldiers to do so , but after the girl choose sides . The war will start , Blake . Do choose the vampires and the throne will be their again. This throne she snatched from you when William was enchanted by this woman . Not only the throne, but all the power and wealth of this place .
  Erick touched the head wound Blake . It was true that Shizukka be the first heir to the throne and he would be next if there were no children on the way. Out because that girl he lost his big chance to command and show all of his race he could do . Blake lost everything and there was nothing left for him . Even hope had been torn by the relationship that Koichi and the girl had was stronger than he and she grew . Thinking about it , Blake made ​​his own decision , something completely out of Erick plans .
- I want you to give me your poison more effectively and want something better than that dagger useless.
- What will you do ? Poison the girl and kill the angel? What most original idea , my dear nephew ... - Erick boy sneered .
- I'm not exceeded as you . I have something in mind that will save our work , but in return want this throne so I bring the corpse of Shizukka for you.
  Erick analyzed the possibility with caution and attention , wondering how far Blake was going, but soon he understood and let out a smile malignant and satisfying at the same time.
- We have an agreement . - He said , finally - I'm proud of you , my nephew . If your father was like you he would not be killed at a height of these . Here you are. If you need anything else come unannounced. I'd love to see you again , especially with that little girl here . Good luck
- Do not need it .

  Blake walked back to the human world and felt a voice deep in his conscience that severely reprimanded , but nothing mattered now . He was blind and had made a fool of myself countless times during all these years , it was time to wake up and fight for their own goals. Power was next and it was something that was beyond blood ties , something only he could do for his own victory.