Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

II. sωєєτ rєqυiєм... α sα∂ sєrєทα∂є...

  It was the big moment. I was blindfolded and Koichi led me down a narrow corridor. I groped the walls looking for a door or anything that would show me where we were going. He did not answer me, just said that I would soon. Should do about fifteen minutes since he had blindfolded me and I wanted at all costs to make the sale, but Koichi held my hands and continued guiding me along the corridor.
  I take it from here. I heard the voice of Blake and I felt his hand on my arm. We turned left, then right and climb a flight of spiral stairs. My feet hurt and I was impatient. How long would it take? I heard a creaking door in front of me. The sale was being untied.
- Happy birthday, Shizukka! - Shouted everyone except Blake, in a sharply trained choir.
- You could at least pretend to be a sociable person, Blake?
  When I turned to him, I almost fell flat on his back. He threw confetti all over me and blew a tongue-in-mother who hit my nose. Even he seemed excited about the surprise party.

  It was my birthday. A date that usually went blank was filled with joy my brothers, my friends and my adoptive father. Muiito had fun and won some gifts. Yuko gave me a white jacket; Atsuhiro gave me a pair of white boots (they combined gifts), my father gave me a necklace that belonged to my adoptive mother and Blake gave me something that anyone would kill for: a black sedan that was still market launch. But there was one big problem: I did not have a driver's license.
- Do not worry about it, little sister. Let us take care of your license in a few weeks.

________________________________ *** ____________________________

  At night, after I finished brushing my teeth, put on my flannel pajamas yellow and jumped under the covers. I was almost asleep when I hear a slight knock on my window. That shadow cast by the moon encouraged me to run and open that window as soon as possible. Koichi was who was there, looking at me with eyes calm as a lake blue and calm. He took me to the balcony window and hugged me gently, as if I were to break into pieces if he embraced stronger.
- I know I have not given you any gifts during the party, but I want to give you now. Not as expensive as the original or that Blake gave you, but it is something that angels do best.
  He materialized a violin wonderful arm and played beautiful music. His eyes were closed, absorbed in composition. It was a song that calmed our nerves and made us feel light, was actually a composition of Angels.
- It's beautiful ... Even better than all that I won today. Thank you.
  Koichi smiled, but there was a smile of joy, it was more like a one sad countenance. The violin faded and he sat on my porch.
- What happened? I said something I should not?
- Of course not. You never say anything wrong. - He stood up and tucked a strand of my hair back - is that I can not compete with Blake and know that you will have to choose one of us part of my soul apart. I do not want you to interpret as blackmail, I just can not keep it more for me. I love you and he barely remembers that you are his sister.
- Blake is difficult, I know. But still I consider, however, it is not kind and cautious as you. I love you too, but I'm not ready to pick. If there was a way for me to see the two of you without having to choose one.
  Koichi kissed my forehead and leaned my head on his shoulder.
- If you really have a solution for this ... But no, you have to abandon one of us.
  Yawned unintentionally. Koichi realized and I snuggled closer to him in my bed, pulling the covers over me. He was caring and made me feel safe, so sleeping next to him was something extremely relaxing. His wings enveloped me and I felt like a child in the arms of his brother, who would be the only source of protection. I fell asleep feeling Koichi stroking my hair and, before long, plunged in deep sleep.