Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, August 19, 2013

- Eighteenth Act -

  Days later, Blake took me to the woods away from the city to teach me how to control the powers of a vampire. It was not easy, because even though vampires do not have wings to fly, hide the prey, whether relating to the injured and control my powers are special tasks thousands of times worse than what I learned from Koichi.
  First blood: how to know what type to take, as it is and as it can take just touching the victim's carotid and hiding prey after feeding. To me demonstrate, Blake had held a human girl with blond hair short and amethyst eyes, which were glazed and glittered only in Blake. I shuddered thinking that the girl would scream and tell the people the real existence of vampires and angels.
- Do not worry. - Koichi reassured me, lying on the sky with wings beating softly a few feet off the ground - Blake does this always. The girl is under his power, and for her there is nobody else in the world but him.
- But he can not play with people like that! - Protested, seeing how the girl was 'melted' into the power of my older brother.
- I will not kill you - Blake replied, as if it was something very natural - I'm just borrowing it for a brief demonstration, then she will not remember anything. - He winked It's one of our abilities and we should be proud of that.
  After learning theory, the time has come for me to learn in practice. I took a step back, because I did not know that person Blake had prepared for me. I saw shadows of a boy of the same height Koichi, bronze hair and green eyes like emeralds rare. He was conscious and looking sideways, suspicious, but safe because Blake told him that it would be part of a recording of a movie and it was all just fantasy.
- Wait a minute - Koichi intefiriu still off the ground - you said that if she touched a single drop of blood she would be the realm of vampires.
- I know that. But this time the bet is suspended because she must train, no matter which way she chooses. Do not worry, I will not take Shizukka me.
  Koichi came to relax, but his blue eyes sharp and focused on every move that might look suspicious. Blake nodded at me, hissing a probable 'go ahead'. I took a step forward and the boy did not move; another step. No reaction. In the third step, he came towards me and smiled.
- Hello - he said cheerfully -'m Nathaniel Suzamoto.
- I Shizukka Mizuki - Blake cleared his throat quietly, looking at me with reproachful 'not play with your food, go straight to the point' he said in my mind.
  Nathaniel leaned his forehead on mine, looking me in the eyes, which were sparkling like the blonde girl. It was the charm of vampires, now it was just pounce. However, the way he reacted I brought a certain amount of guilt because I was stealing something vital that boy and it would be left with complete amnesia of what happened. I touched the spot where was the carotid artery with your fingertips. It was full of vitality and carrying an exceptional amount of blood. It was the type O-, the most sought and most appreciated by vampires and was there under my possession. By the amount of blood, I could take a lot, but I did not. I imitated the gestures of Blake and the boy disappeared.
- Burra! Why'd you do it? - Blake was angry.
- I just did not feel right to take his blood and then abandon it. This is inhumane!
- We're not human, not our problem! For this reason we can do this without feeling guilty! It was a bad idea to let you grow in them!
- Wait, Blake - Blake Koichi separated and took my right hand, placing it on his neck - if she has to take someone's blood, then I offer myself for this.
  Blake snorted, visibly upset and gave the signal for me to continue. Koichi unbuttoned two buttons of his shirt, leaving his neck completely sample.
  The same way I did with the other boy, touched the spot where the carotid artery was my brother and I realized that his blood was abundant and was class AB +, the second that brought great power to vampires. I looked into the eyes of Koichi and realized that he was not being controlled by the power of vampires; continued and felt his skin being pierced by my fangs.
  Some sengundos later, his blood dripped down my throat. It was warm and sweet, like honey and made my whole body shiver. Wanted more of that blood. Do not want to interrupt that moment of frenzy and ecstasy that dominated me. The thoughts evaporate from my mind slowly just so I concentrated on keeping the memory of that taste and feel my body is absorbing everything so quickly.
  Before I knew it, my fangs retracted and Koichi was already buttoning his shirt. I swallowed and my throat burned, wanting more and more of that sweet nectar. I wondered who would taste the blood of human Nathaniel, but it no longer mattered to me. I was in a different dimension and my thoughts revolved around Koichi and only returned to reality when Blake shook hands in front of me.
- You all right?
  I nodded, unable to speak.
- Well, I see you've learned everything correctly, but there's something bothering me. - He analyzed my face carefully and concluded - You are in a state of frenzy serious. This is not good. - He turned to Koichi and made a cut on his wrist, showing a drop of blood that flowed - What do you carry in the body, honey? Strawberry jam? Juice with lots of sugar maybe?
- What is the problem?
- She is in a frenzy because of his blood is very sweet. I admit to an idiot like you until you have something precious in his veins.

  Blake aproxiou me up me with a sheet in his hands and twisted, causing dripping green liquid in my mouth.
- Swallow and do not complain. - He said.
  I swallowed my frenzy and soon disappeared, but I thought I would lose all the blood that consume because the liquid made my stomach squirm and tastes quite bitter stuck in my throat.
- Do not take more of his blood. You are not yet prepared to endure the taste of his blood. I recommend you stay away from blood for at least three weeks.

  I felt something inside me rebelling against what Blake said. Blood Koichi was now my biggest obsession, but he knew now was worth the bet them and his take even a single drop of his blood I never see the human world and lose all my connection to my childhood and my home adopted. She would not think that would soon be forced to choose, but if fate so want, I will obey.