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Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

VII. cσℓ∂ τєαrs: вrσкєท нєαrτ

  The next day , Blake did not go to college and again had to annotate twice . I was worried about him , because yesterday he seemed fine . He rarely missing and when did it said it was for health reasons . Was he right? Koichi met in the hall and said he did not know why he had been absent . My concern was redoubled , but could not lose it . Unlike me , Blake knew exactly what step to nomomento right , he planned everything, so it does not appear in the class was in his plans , reassured me a little more .
  Was leaving the main gate when a person dressed in a burgundy coat well spent and a beige slacks also well done hastily passed by me and we bumped . My notes scattered on the ground and the boy helped me collect them . Seeing his face , I recognized immediately : it was that boy in the woods , and Nathaniel was dressed in the uniform university Akiyama , who was a few miles away from where I was . I realized that he recognized me immediately , opening a wide dimpled smile .
- Good to see you again , Mizuki - san .
- Also , Suzamoto - kun .
  His green eyes sparkled , but not because of the charm of vampires . It was a glimmer of joy and satisfaction. A strong wind passed us and ruffled his hair , which seemed to wind copper wire . Soon , I realized that was not exactly the wind , but Koichi rushed past us like lightning .
- Koichi , what happened ?
- My family called me and I have to go to the hospital . - He lied because he knew he could not say anything to all the students who were there . - You think you can go home alone ?
- If not bother , I can accompany you , Mizuki - san . - Nathaniel offered immediately , looking for my brother, who nodded confidently and quickly disappeared .
  Nathaniel and I walked slowly talking a little bit about everything , until my phone vibrated with a message from my father . ' Overtime . I'll have to cover the shift of an employee who was missing . I'll be back after dinner , do not wait for me . ' . I sighed , I never liked to be alone at home, even more after seeing that message mirror . Koichi Blake was busy and did not answer the phone . Nathaniel craned his neck to see the message and finally said :
- You are good at writing tax ?
- Why?
- Well .. I have an exam tomorrow and I really do not know much about it .
- You can study at my house . That is , if you have time .
- You are my guardian angel, Mizuki - san . - He sighed with relief . - I do lunch if you want .

  Nathaniel really good cook . He cooked pasta with mushroom sauce and I must admit that I enjoyed the meal . I helped with the dishes and then went to the mini library on the top floor of my house to study . It was hard to explain everything to him . Although playful, he was smart . I noticed that he was becoming increasingly relieved every time progressed stage .
- I do not know what would I do without your help , thank fate that I have found you again , Mizuki - san . - He gave me a bear hug and put his stuff back in the bag. - Well , what can we do now ? I know! Why do not you play a game of chess with me ?

  We played a game long and coldly calculated . He was agile and cunning , knew that piece move at the right time and won a checkmate with prestige. Before I could save the game of chess , Nathaniel pulled me to the balcony and showed me something I had never noticed : the sunset was different : a light silver was hiding in a violet sky , truly a beautiful sight.
- Not as beautiful as you , Mizuki - san . - Nathaneil said , looking at the sky .
- What are you talking about, Suzamoto - kun ?
- After that day we met , my life changed and I always tried to find you again, but no success so far. I like you , Shizukka .
  His face was very close and he cornered me in the glass balcony door . The cold air and refreshing coming from his mouth tingled my skin and I could not move my body . Nathaniel kissed me quickly and I felt a drop of rain dripped on my face . I looked at the sky and then looked around . Nathaniel was gone and I saw a message on my phone . ' Thanks for helping me :) ass : Nath ' . As he disappeared so fast I did not know , but I looked up and saw a pair of wings flapping gently toward the clouds and I saw the person looked back. Koichi was and he was crying .
  It was a scene of heartbreaking . His wings were shaking and he looked at me , her blue eyes brimming tears fell and a white rose with a note tied with a red ribbon . I went to the edge of the balcony to catch the flower and my left foot slipped and gravity acted faster than my wings . I closed my eyes , expecting to feel the garden lawn and thud of my body on the floor , but felt familiar arms wrapped around me and my body back up until my feet are firmly on the ground from the balcony of my room .
- If you hurt ? - Koichi asked , looking at my arms and my face looking for an injury .
- I'm fine , thanks for helping me . - I looked into his eyes and saw that the tears were still umidecidos seconds ago - Are you okay , Koichi ?
- Could be better than I am . - He replied bitterly.
- I'm sorry if you saw it , but it was Nathaniel who started I could not move ...
- Sure . The emotion was too strong and you froze in expectation.
- Not at all . Please believe me . - I tried to touch his face , but he pulled my hands .
- Do not make things harder for me , ok ? My heart is smitten enough for one day . I love you beyond the love of brothers and after all the attention I got this grant retribution ? Perhaps a stab in my back would hurt less .
- Forgive me , really.
  Koichi grabbed my face and kissed me longer than Nathaniel , then continued up to the clouds , with sadness in his eyes. The followed with his eyes until losing sight of him . I ordered my wings to take me to appear and Koichi , but they refused to appear. He would forgive me someday? Koichi was valuable to me and I did not want to lose it the fault of Nathaniel . I lay in my bed and buried my face in a pillow , hoping to stifle my sobs . Tears stung my eyes and did not fight against them . For the first time in his life , Blake was right : I was weak and useless . Any other girl would have prevented Nathaniel , but I allowed it all and hurt the feelings of one of the most important people in my life . Koichi was my guardian, the guardian perfect as anyone could wish , and I managed to push him away with an act of stupidity and weakness . I barely knew the boy and invited him to come to my house and let him do it .
  I looked at the clock and went down to the kitchen . I prepared dinner , washed the dishes I had and got fouled . My father certainly kill me for this, but find Koichi was my priority at the moment. I had to apologize to him right and had to make it clear that Nathaniel and I had nothing concrete.