Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, August 26, 2013

III. нi∂є iท siℓєทcє...

  - Miss Mizuki! I pay attention in class, please? Miss Mizuki!
- I'm not feeling well, lady Kanada, excuse me.

    I rushed to the infirmary. Although I was not actually feeling physically ill, mentally I was stunned. I've had several dreams and memories of my biological mother and how she died. I also remembered my father bioloógico but little thought of it. The fact is that during the dream, I heard a faint voice in my head and a dark belly laugh when I saw my parents die. Koichi saw me bringing to the human world and Blake fighting spectra armed with spears in a sea of ​​blood. The sky was black, there was no star and moon disappeared. It was a terrible sight and I really wanted to forget. I never had this kind of dream before, Koichi me up nest to sleep in his arms. I thought it was a coincidence at first, but then everything fell into place. The way I saw things in my dream was not really to my eyes, but with the eyes of my brother Angel.
  I dodged the way to the top of the ward school. The door was open and there was nobody there. The silence was absolute and was perfect for me to put the ideas in order. I sat in a corner isolated and dark and rested my head on her knees. Tears rolled down from my eyes without my cry. Definitely, I was not at all well.

  The bell rang indicating the range and I could hear the students walking the halls. My stomach protested asking for food, but I ignored him. My head was somewhere else to care for the hungry now. Those images flashed like a movie in my head and I could not forget that voice and that laugh malignant. Just thinking about it gave me chills and I chilled bones.
  'Shizukka, where are you?' Blake was trying to make telepathic contact with me. I could not answer. Something soothing silence that prevented my connection with my brothers. I got up and went to the door but it was locked. I tried to open at all costs, but the door did not budge. Screamed as loud as I could, but nobody heard me. I was trapped and oxygen escaped from my lungs. It was becoming increasingly stifled and my vision was blurred.

 What is hidden in the silence?
                                                             ... Fear.