Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

- Nineteenth Act -

  After that night I could not sleep soundly as before. Always near dawn I woke up with a strange dream, which I do not remember, my throat burns and my fangs appear. My mind calls by Koichi and it appears every time to reassure me. Whatever it was, my brother was there with open arms and a smile on his face, always listening carefully and lulled me in a few minutes.
   However, the same did not happen with Blake. It was insensitive and intolerant, but he knew exactly what to do and knew how I felt without my saying a word. Blake was sure my situation and always brought a sheet of fennel and sent me to stop chewing my frenzy. He knew that I should stay away from Koichi, however he did not mention about it, this was one of the good qualities of Blake.

    Some nights I could not sleep. Sometimes, Koichi flew me over the woods, beating both wings. Sometimes he carried me in his arms for me lullabies while flying close to the clouds.
   On other nights, Blake and I apostávamos race to the park and we were on the roof of my house, sometimes in silence, sometimes talking. We continue classmates in college and Koichi joined the same college too, but the room Atushiro.
   Soon, my friends and my brothers got together and continue our lives as if nothing happened. I really wanted to think about it, but it was impossible.

   My life back on track slowly because I still had bouts of frenzy during the day and was suddenly weakened. I knew I could not live like that I should forget the humans and go, but where? With who? For how long?