Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

- Sixteenth Act -

  I felt something weighing on my forehead and vozess distant muttering something incomprehensible. I tried to get up, but I was feeling weak and my body not obeyed me. I looked around and did not recognize much, just a picture frame with a family photo and five coats hanging in the corner. Red was Yuko, beige, my father, the Black belonged to Blake, belonged to the green and dark blue Atsuhiro was Koichi. I looked at the clock that was on the wall: it was two o'clock in the morning.
- Glad you woke up. - Koichi came up quickly with another bag of ice, replacing what was in my head - Feel better?
- I'm still a little dizzy. What happened? Where are we?
- This was your room of our old house. Once you have become, you passed out in the alley. His father was looking for you and he barely killed us to see how you were. Yuko was with him looking for and how our house was closer, we brought you here, after all, a hospital could not handle it.
  Yuko appeared with a bowl of soup for me. Koichi left, leaving the two of us talk alone.
- By the way, beautiful wings, friend.
- You. ..
- I know everything - she blinked, showing the language - I admit it's strange all this, but we're still friends. Atsuhiro almost freaked when Blake told me what happened. He's out there, do not know exactly where.
- I am here ... - Atsuhiro made a ghostly voice behind Yuko, who gave him a tug on the lock of hair falling on his face. - Oh, hi, Shizukka! What a beautiful fright you gave us, eh? Wings legal, you should even get to fly with them.
  The three of us burst out laughing. There were times we did not we were so close and I did not know how long it was before you choose which kingdom rule. I made my soup and my friends were gone, leaving only Blake, my father and Koichi. My father had a brief conversation with me and then I realized that all this was hidden from me for my safety, so I did not try on my real family before the right time. He gave me good night and fell asleep on the couch next to my bed. I was mulling over everything, wondering what would have been their reaction.
 I think you should not be getting my point. But I'll tell you everything I know so far: my father was a vampire and my mother an angel, but before they come together, each of them had a son. My father and my mother had Blake had Koichi. When I was born, my parents were punished for having joined and were killed by a creature like a snake. To save me, my brothers made the prophecy of uniting the races and Blake got to face the monster while Koichi put me safely in the human world, knocking at the door of Mizuki, my adoptive parents. My adoptive mother Kalissa, and my adoptive father, Seiji took care of me all this time, it would be when the fury of the two races fell on me and tried to destroy me, unless I choose one of my origins and destroy any and rejected any residue race. Cant is in the human world, because my wings and my fangs can not stay hidden forever, just for a few days.