Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, August 16, 2013

- Fourteenth Act -

   Blake was ready to attack and Koichi, armed with a silver spear, watching the movements of the opponent. They were walking in circles and exchanged hostile stares and glaciers, as if they were communicating telepathically. Sometime later, Koichi forward and my brother vampire dodged a punch and hit the chest of the angel who dropped the spear and knelt on the floor, gasping for breath that had been stolen. Blake looked at him with contempt and down the fake brother on the ground, placing the right foot on the head of Koichi.
- This is ridiculous - he said, sharply - if you had not fallen for her, we would not be here wasting time. She is our sister, a being who shares our same blood and you know that we can never unite with her.
- Koichi ... - I approached him, however, Blake pushed me with something like a mass of red air against the wall so brutal.
  Even after the blow, I was still fine. Maybe a little dazed, but still seeing everything that happened. Koichi saw stand up and react with desperate blows, one of which hit Blake's face, causing a scratch on his face. He growled angrily and Koichi grabbed by the throat, throwing him to the ground as if he were a small stone. I tried to run to him and prevent it be prolonged, however, my legs were still and I could not speak.
  Koichi was still suffering. Every stroke of Blake, more blood flowed from my brother Angel, creating a huge pond of blood under their feet. I lost my breath every stroke, like my body was being crushed in the hands of the vampire Blake.
   I felt something get hold of my mind seconds later. It was a familiar couple who held a baby in her arms, with Koichi left and Blake right behind them both. My mind plunged into that image and then I saw a little scene: it was my real family, my mother was on the floor, wound at the base of the neck and my father wielding a sword, looking for something I could not grasp. Koichi saw looking at me with sadness and longing, saying something I could not understand. It was a different language of demics, something like a mix of Latin and Greek anitgo. Hear the voice of Blake then muttering something in the same language and putting a pendant on me, that seemed like a cross scarlet, like my brand. Soon, everything disappeared and gave way to images of my life with something echoing voices alternated between Blake and Koichi.
  'Daughter of a forbidden union, the seed of a new race, one that carries the burden of conseigo enfrentear light and shadows, now carries this brand, so that your blood Archangel remain inert until the big moment of awakening important.'
"Shizukka, balance of darkness and light, your true essence is now asleep, carrying the cross scarlet, connecting to the realm of vampires forever until all you will remember. '
"For us, you will return soon and one of the two kingdoms you will have to govern. Essences Two unite as one, and two lives will compete in her fragile inside. Our precious princess, we will meet again and when that day comes, you wake up in full. "
  So everything they said was true. Also, I would have to choose between them, but for me it was an impossible task. I could never choose between one or the other.