Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

- Seventeenth Act -

  I did not go to college the next day. Koichi was to help me train the flight controls, the power of the aura and how angels hide their wings when they were in public. It was a difficult task and can not move during the day, so we thought it best Koichi train ourselves where it all started in the alley that Blake met me to say anything.
  We were there during the night. Blake was also to ensure that no one attacked us. He arrived first, sitting on the floor and resting his hands behind his head, with his left foot on the right, laughing at the failure of attempts to teach me Koichi.
- The wings obey your thinking if you think you want to fly, the wings will lift you off the ground if you think you want to go down, they will make you land softly, so if you think it will fall, the wings will brittle and will not hold your weight.
- But they did not obey me, I can not concentrate. I'm afraid of falling or wings deb suddenly disappear.
- They will disappear if you order they are hidden within you, otherwise they are always there. - He patted my wings, that made them tremble a bit. - Give me your hands, I will hold you until you feel confident.
  He took my hands gently and firmly while watching me as I walked up, looking directly into my eyes. Do not look down, he said. We went along slowly across the sky and I was feeling more secure and let his hands. At first all went well, but I lost control and my wings disappeared and I fell at an incredible speed when I felt my body floating and familiar arms wrapped around me. Koichi steadied me before I fell and broke every bone in my body.
- You did well - he said, carrying me to the top, near the clouds - really seem to have their wings will prórpia, but let's get through this together. Look down, my dear.
  Koichi looked apprehensively. Should I even look down?
- It's okay. I'm here. - He tightened his arms around me and kissed the top of my head - I would never let you fall. If I could, I will give you my wings.
  I nodded and looked at the ground. It was so small and I was starting to get sick. My body was shaking and then I remembered that I was safe, for my angel was there, watching over me. Soon, all fear disappeared as quickly as it came and my wings back. Koichi released me slowly to make sure I was okay. I still lost control, but was improving and I approached the ground, landing slowly. Blake was lying on the floor, her eyes brimming tears and laughing as I ever saw. What was so funny? He could not contain himself and when he finally did, he said Koichi:
- Make her face the fear of heights was his idea? It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Also you said you would not let anything happen to her and she just died.
- You certainly would prevent it, right? After all, it is your responsibility to take care of her too.
- I would not move a muscle, believe me. It was under his responsibility.
  Koichi ronsnou and landed gracefully on the ground. Blake stood up and prepared to attack they made a barrier and soared into the clouds, exchanging heavy blows among themselves. My stomach churned when I thought of the idea to go up there alone, but I could not leave them to smite him. I walked as fast as possible to find the two looking at me calmly. Both were separated and there was a scratch.
- You got it.
- What is happening?
- We staged one fight so you overcome the fear and could fly. How do you feel?
- I'm fine. I feel safe about my wings now.
  They smiled and rested. We went home and slept the rest of the night. I knew my powers to control an angel thanks to patience and tolerance Koichi.