Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

- Fifteenth Act -

  Then a scream interrupts the line of my thoughts. Looked frightened sideways, looking for the owner of the scream and saw it was Koichi, who had the silver spear stuck in his chest. Blake was smiling, pleased with the victory and admiring Koichi dying silently on the floor, as if everything is a source of prestige.
  My legs do not obey me, but my concern for Koichi was extreme and I could not sit still any longer, just watching it. Supernaturally, I found myself leaving the spear in pieces and closing the wound Koichi, who was unconscious, almost losing his life. I looked at Blake, who was indifferent and could see that something was in the purple around my body. A gentle breeze blew over me and I was a few inches from the ground and felt fine and protruding fangs in my mouth.
- Finally ... Your true form. - Blake said, looking at me with satisfaction and admiration - but did not think you would be a physical mixture of the two races. If I knew that stupid ritual of our parents were doing this, I might never have united to Koichi.
- What do you mean? I have the blood of both parties, I would be extremely plausible mesclasse the two races. - 'Plausible'? where I had taken it? Does part of the transformation?
- Do not you see? You have fangs and the same color of the aura of a vampire, but the energy and wings of an angel. - I studied it from various angles before concluding - But I admit you are right.
  I looked at my reflection in the eye of Blake. It was true. I had wings! Were of medium size, purple color and beat lightly, keeping me a few inches above the ground. They were not exactly as Koichi, but for me they were fascinating.
  Soon, I heard something behind me and turned. Was Koichi, who was smiling happily looking at my aura and my wings.
- It is not entirely yours, Blake. There is a part of her that wants the celestial world.
- This is what we shall see, my dear Koichi. Let us then a new contract: if she drink a single drop of blood in two years, she will belong to me. But, if she can resist Shizukka can stay with you.
- If Shizukka agree with that, I accept.
  Both cast anxious glances at me and I nodded. I did not know what was coming, but I agreed. It would be a test to which I would have to go sooner or later.